Free Christmas single!

It’s that time of year, you know that time when the roads get icy and the evenings are dark. So here’s a little light in the darkness – my annual Christmas single.

This year I’m also releasing it as a video. I got the chance to take a ride with the lady of trucking; Hanna Fange, and she is starring as herself in the video. Hanna knew from when she was a little girl that she wanted to drive the big rigs, and even though she was told “girls don’t drive trucks” she made her dream come true. Let’s hope she never meets the same ending as the trucker in “A Long Way Home”.

You can download the song here, for free or “pay what you want”. You can also choose to give me a little Christmas donation for the song and the video by clicking the donation banner at the top of this post.

Merry Christmas!

Bolstered by the icy visuals in the stark one-camera video, Swedish singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik’s seasonal release “A Long Way Home” rings with the bright Nordic flavor she claims as a solid birthright, echoing a priority of travelers worldwide: the drive to touch home base in the Yuletide season. While it glides along quite pleasantly on a casual first listening, the song becomes all the more poignant when reminding us that tragic events are a year-round reality, and not every holiday story has a happy ending. Talvik’s airy vocals, a chorus of blended horns, and chord changes that suggest an eighteen-wheeler shifting gears make this a road song for enjoying any time and place. – Keith Harrelson

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