Album of the year – Pennyblackmusic review

I don’t want to spam my own page and maybe lose your precious attention with posting all the reviews and mentions that pop up around “Big Sky Country”, but I can’t help but share this amazing review from Pennyblackmusic. Reading it I didn’t know which quote to go with, because they’re all so great, but I’m going to go with the last sentence of the review …

“‘Big Sky Country’ is, without a doubt, one of the strongest releases of 2015 so far, in any genre.”

To read the whole review – go here!

Some more love for Big Sky Country:

“A singer/songwriter who is able to evoke the essence of Laurel Canyon circa the ‘60s.” – NoDepression


“This record is a real work of art.” – Tune Reviews

Get the album here: Signed CD, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify