Thank you…

…for coming to the gig last night! We ha a splendid time, didn’t we!

Unfortunately my opening act Ipher&The Cains canceled at the last minute but having talanted friends is always a plus in such a situation and my wonderful friend Sara Rumar came through on half an hours notice and made a wonderful acustic performance together with Henrik Ekberg.

Anyway, you were a great crowd, and it was a real pleasure to play for you. Here are some photos from last night.

Anders (by the piano) and Christian preparing for the gig.
Me and my friend Sara Rumar.
Sara and Henke in action. Henke borrowed my guitar, check out the lovely inlay. (Nicely shaved armpit by the way)
Me and the boys trying out the new songs.


I just got home from rehersing with my wonderful band.

It was the first time I heard the songs with more instruments than just my guitar. It sounded great. They are truly amazing! Anders even renamed one of the songs to "Elvis song" because of a very 50-60's bass thing he added. I guess that means I can start calling myself "The King" 😉

This record is going to get so good! Marcus – get well soon!

teatime ladies and gentlemen tata Sofia

Will you call me when you’re sober

Sometimes when you're working on something creative, like I'm working on my album now, you get alot of other creative ideas.

Isn't it typical, just as I decided which songs to have on the album, I get so inspired I write a new song that I just have to add as well. Not that I'm complaining, a moment of inspiration is always welcome and wonderful. Last night it ended up with this song:

"Will you call me when you're sober"

And for all of you living in Stockholm, don't miss the gig at Landet thursday the 17th.

Summer heat puts wings on my feet.

Summer must be the worst time of the year to record an album.

My dicipline is running low when the sun is shining. One isn´t spoiled with warm weather here in the cold north so I´ve taken the opportunity to enjoy it while it lasts instead of sitting in my bunker.

Anyway, I haven´t been as lazy as you might think but I haven´t had any nice bits to put up for show here on the blog. Today´s been a really productive day, until I realized the battery in my guitar must be running out and some of the songs I´ve recorded today has an irritating loud buzz to them. It´s sad but I have to throw them away and record them again.

I´ve got a new lovely musician to add to my orchestra (isn´t myspace wonderful!), at least for this album. His name is Myles and he may be playing some (grand?) piano on some of the songs. Todays hit "Dominos" is just shipped off to get some beautiful piano instead of my strumming guitar, I can´t wait to hear what he´ll make of it.

That´s all for tonight folks, my shoulders are aching and I´m off to bed.

Enjoy a preview of "Dominos" here.

cheers Sofia


This is my daily routine: come home from work, embark myself in my bedroom studio and play until my fingers bleed.

It gets really hot in there as well as I have to have all windows and doors closed. So today I had to cut off a pair of nylon stockings, make little holes for my fingers and use it as a glove on my left hand because my palm was so damp and I couldn´t change the chords fast enough and kept getting stuck. Not very stylish I tell you, but it worked!

Anyway, I feel rather content with todays recording even though I kept getting cramps in my hands and my fingertips are kind of sore now

I decided to post a little sample of today´s recording of "It´s silly now". I haven´t begun recording the band yet so it´s just me so far. Maybe I´ll add new versions later and you can all hear how the song evolves with more instruments.

Listen here: Silly

Time for tea, tata folks!