E – Part Four of L.O.V.E

I’ve been so lucky to have been able to release three EPs in my four piece saga L.O.V.E thanks to my wonderful fans. Now it’s time for me to start working on the last part and I need your help to wrap up this awesome project.

The pre-orders and pledges you make will cover producers, musicians, studio time, mix, master and artwork. But this is not just about funding a release. Your contribution makes a big difference. I hope you can tell your friends about the project and present my music to them. Music for me is very personal and I want you guys to be a part of every step, and that also involves feedback. If you have suggestions about anything or want to help out in any way, feel free to drop me an e-mail or message me on Facebook.

All the items you can buy to help me fund the release is personally hand-made by me. I make all the art and I screen print all the t-shirts, totes and posters. All the physical CDs also have hand-made covers and all the items will only be made in a limited edition and not available once the pledge is finished. You will be able to follow every step of the production on my blog where I will post pictures and videos from the studio as well as live recordings and demos.

1. Make a Pledge
I’ve created three exclusives bundles. We’re here for the music of course, however there are extra personal goodies that may suit your fancy as well. Yum. The record is a given with your pledge, but I’m equally excited about how it lets you into the behind the scenes rollercoaster of it all…

2. Link and share
Share this pledge on Facebook and Twitter.
You can become the voice of this project. Nothing beats word of mouth. The grander we make it, the more bells and whistles I can provide in the production.

3. Updates are Sweet!
Videos, photos, ramblings, song clips – ever wonder what goes down as a song is being worked, wanna see some bloopers? I’ll post and you comment.

4. Where’s my Goodies?!?!
Once the target is met, I’ll start fulfilling certain items, but bear with us! Shipping of packages that include multiple items will begin as soon as I receive all of those parts under one roof! Promise I’ll be speedy : )

Oh, and if you didn’t know already I have a Sofia Talvik V.I.P group that you can join on Facebook. It’s a closed private group were I post exclusive material and other fun stuff.

Please join us HERE…

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