1st place on Ourstage.com

I didn’t even realize I was in the competition until I got the #1 Channel Prize in Ourstage.com’s Folk genre for February. My song Jonestown had been compeeting and obviously went down well with the audience. I was also first runner up for the grand prize. Here’s some of the heartwarming comments on that:

OMG I can’t BELIEVE how you just got CHEATED in the LAST SECOND like that. First place for the last two or three hours. Oh man you got ROBBED!!! You deserved to win it all Sofia. Such an amazing song. We’ll get em NEXT MONTH for sure, though. Happy-dark
Hugs, XOX Vicky

This is such an Amazing Song and Incredible Vocals, I am with my friends, ought to have gotten the Grand Prize!!!!! You are a Bright Shining STAR****** Happy-dark Happy-dark

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And all of you who voted for me – lots of love your way!

Working away for SXSW

I love running my own record label but it also means I sometimes have to work really hard and have a bunch of things on my mind at the same time. I’m showcasing at Canadian Music Week and South By Southwest in March so I have to try to find all the ways I can to market my music and my upcoming gigs there. This means I’m signing up on all different kinds of sites, creating profiles and adding music and videos. Sitting in front of my TV this sunday night I signed up to Ourstage.com, and if you want to helt me out, you can vote for me here by clicking this image: