last tracks recorded!

I'm counting days til the 8th of november. That's when the album should, and hopefully will be, mixed and finished.

Today we added the last instrumental parts, a wonderful arrangement for three saxophones written by Hanna for the song "will you call me when you're sober". Now hold it, I know what you're thinking; "hmmm…saxophones, you mean like early Sting or perhaps that funky sound of Tina Turner?" But I promise you, it's nothing like that at all. Actually the saxophone parts on this album has sort of become my favourite sound. You rarely hear it in popmusic today, at least not like this.

Hanna (who plays the soprano saxophone) brought her friend Nis (who plays the baryton) and I barely had time to say "saxophone" before they were finished with the recordings and out the studio door. I'm so lucky to have such talanted musicians playing on this album, but then again, they're so lucky to have such a great producer (me!) hehe. Just kidding, but it's coming out just wonderful som I'm very happy with it.

Now, it may have been a quick recording this afternoon, but you will have all the time in the world to enjoy it as I'm posting a sample for you to listen at.

And that's all for today folks!

"Will you call me when you're sober"

Darling piano and strings

I've had a busy week listening to various adds to the album, we've finished strings and piano and it's time for a little sample again.

Erik Jansson has been more than creative arranging some beautiful string orchestras for a couple of the songs. Erik also works with Jay Jay Johanson and has been a part of Jay Jay's set for many years now. And Jozsef has added a finishing touch to his amazing piano. It has all come together.

Here's a beautiful sample of their work conjoined. Never mind the irritating buzzing noice that my computer added when I bounced the song to mp3. I promise it won't be there on the album 😉

"Mother's way, Father's way"

Summer heat puts wings on my feet.

Summer must be the worst time of the year to record an album.

My dicipline is running low when the sun is shining. One isn´t spoiled with warm weather here in the cold north so I´ve taken the opportunity to enjoy it while it lasts instead of sitting in my bunker.

Anyway, I haven´t been as lazy as you might think but I haven´t had any nice bits to put up for show here on the blog. Today´s been a really productive day, until I realized the battery in my guitar must be running out and some of the songs I´ve recorded today has an irritating loud buzz to them. It´s sad but I have to throw them away and record them again.

I´ve got a new lovely musician to add to my orchestra (isn´t myspace wonderful!), at least for this album. His name is Myles and he may be playing some (grand?) piano on some of the songs. Todays hit "Dominos" is just shipped off to get some beautiful piano instead of my strumming guitar, I can´t wait to hear what he´ll make of it.

That´s all for tonight folks, my shoulders are aching and I´m off to bed.

Enjoy a preview of "Dominos" here.

cheers Sofia

Album ahead.

This technical stuff makes me a raging lunatic. This is the third time I´m writing this blog entry as this damn monzilla keeps deleting it when I press post. Well Ill just give it another go.

This is the blog about the recording of my forthcoming album Street of dreams.

Street of dreams is a song about the feeling of insecurity of not being good enough, but this album will not only be good enough, it will be a great album, full of emotion and thought. During the process I´ll post pics and sound samples from the new songs so that you can follow me from the beginning til the end. (and is all of you Swedish guys are wondering why this blog is in english, well, I´m just too lazy to write two separate blogs.)

As a first timer I booked myself into a studio and recorded the album by schedule in a week. It was efficent but stressful. This time I´m doing it in the comfort of my own home. This way I hope to get a different feeling to it, more intimate and soulful.

I´ve prepped my bedroom into a soundroof cave and rigged my little studio equipment by the bed. It´s a Mac Book, an Inspire sound card, a JJ labs microphone and me. I´m one week in recording and I´ve recorded about 6 songs so far. I´ve hired talanted Fredrik Strömberg to program my drums. He´s working with the EZ drummer kit from Toontrack which we both adore! My band is still on summer vacation but when they´re back I´ll put them to work, although I might have to abandon my cave when we record the contra bass (it´s so huge I doubt it will fit in here).

Here´s some photos from my “studio”.

My microphone
The midi keyboard is living on top of the laundry basket.
The midi keyboard is living on top of the laundry basket.
My fabulous view over Hong Kong...I wish! This pic covers one wall in my bedroom and makes me long back to sunny Hong Kong.
La Studio