Åh Kristina, guldet blev till sand

Sofia Talvik is playing live in Minnesota this week
Sofia Talvik is playing live in Minnesota this week
Sofia Talvik is playing live in Minnesota this week

This week I’m heading up to Karl-Oskar and Kristina’s old hoods, i.e Minnesota! I’m doing a bunch of gigs in the area so I hope to see you and all your Swedish and American friends there! Here’s my upcoming shows in MN:

Wednesday, 08/08 in Mankato, MN at The Coffee Hag with the lovely Goodnight Gold Dust show starts 7pm
Thursday, 08/09 in Minneapolis, MN at First Avenue with The Union Suits show starts at 9pm ($8 admission)
Saturday, 08/11 in Minneapolis, MN at FIKA / American Swedish Institue an exclusive acoustic experience in the American Swedish Institute’s new coffee shop, show starts at noon

Two new videos!

So I’ve been busy with planning the US release of “Jonestown”. And as I’m releasing three new videos each week I’ll try to make it up to Sara Rumar for not posting her earlier by doing it now!

Sara and I met when we were both summer temps at one of Sweden’s largest newspapers. We discovered our common interest for music and soon gained the nickname “The Glittertwins” in the office. Sara has since released 2 cool pop albums in Sweden and Germany.

Check her out here: www.sararumar.com and www.myspace.com/sararumar

Sofia Talvik / Sara Rumar – Prove me wrong

Song: Prove me wrong (Jonestown 2008)
Guest artist: Sara Rumar

Guest number 2 is country singer Kristina Westin.
I first heard of Kristina Westin from my husband’s co-worker who plays the guitar in her band. We went to a few of their gigs and were impressed by Kristinas husky voice and talented songwriting. Kristina who has only released an EP yet will release her debut album later this year – and we’re looking forward to it!

Check out her stuff here: www.myspace.com/kristinawestin

Sofia Talvik / Kristina Westin – Burning fields

Song: Burning Fields (Jonestown 2008)
Guest artist: Kristina Westin