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The lovely as always Bluesbunny has written a nice little piece about my new EP ‘O – part two of L.O.V.E’ and given me four carrots to snack on! Thanks Bluesbunny!

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O – Part Two of L.O.V.E” by Sofia Talvik is, as the title suggests, the second part in a series of fan funded EPs by one of the most affecting Swedish singer songwriters to cross the threshold here at Bluesbunny Towers.

It could easily be said that there are no surprises here but you should not take that as a criticism as I simply mean that this EP maintains the high standards that we have come to expect of Ms Talvik. The songs might well play out like four more rounds in the boxing ring of life and that actually made for an interesting, if not entirely unexpected for connoisseurs of female endeavour in the world of pop music, conclusion.

Sure enough, “Glow” easily charms with clever urban metaphors and hushed background vocals but it is “Awfully Aware” that engages the mind. I happened to be rummaging through the vinyl archives here and I came across an album by Janis Ian called “Aftertones” from 1975 (when Ms Ian would have been of similar age to Ms Talvik) and was struck by the similarities. Both are clearly intelligent songwriters with similar lyrical motivations and it was easy to draw parallels between the aforementioned “Awfully Aware” and Ms Ian’s “”Boy I Really Tied One On”. I think that speaks highly of Ms Talvik’s abilities as a very human songwriter which is further reinforced by the cool realism expressed in “The War”.

Rounding off this EP is “King Of The Willow Tree” previously featured on her album “Florida” but here receiving a minor makeover with added synths and spaghetti western moments but otherwise little altered
Possessed of both intelligence and charm, Sofia Talvik proves, once again, that music can engage mind, body and soul at the same time.

The EP is available as a download here.

Review from BluesBunny

BluesBunny takes on the new album and gives it 4 carrots:

Sofia Talvik & the Tallboys, Street of Dreams, Makaki Music 2007

“Street of Dreams” is the second album from Sweden’s Sofia Talvik. This album is 13 tracks of quirky love songs that run deeper than they seem.

Highlight was the single “It’s Just Love” featuring Bernard Butler. Swooping and dramatic, this song is a convincing demonstration of the talent of those involved. Not that the rest of the album disappoints. “I Won the First Prize Tonight” sounds like a pleasant folk song but the lyrics are altogether darker. “Holding Your Hand” also sounds lightweight and fluffy but is in fact a touching commentary on the search for a soulmate. Ending on the bluesy “So Good to Me”, she tells us of the search for happiness once more. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Ms Talvik does not give us easy answers. There are no simplistic love songs here. Things do not often work out but we should never give up hope.

Charmingly performed and a fine example of the genre, this album makes for a pleasant and enjoyable listen. We think that a lot of people will like this release. Nothing offends here and you get a nice, warm feeling from it but it does bear up to closer investigation. There is a lot more substance there than the first listen indicates. Well worth tracking down therefore and adding to the collection. Available from her website.