Folk – Signed EP


Folk – Signed EP

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A six track special. A hauntingly beautiful EP of old Swedish folk songs in a new modern presentation.

In Swedish ”folk music” means ”traditional music”. If you play ”folk” in Sweden, you are most likely a wiz at the key-harp or the violin. For many years I’ve been a part of the folk scene, in the non traditional sense, and finally I thought I’d try to combine the two in a new way.

These are 6 old traditional Swedish folk songs in a more modern clothing. Bringing in musicians from Germany as well as Sweden, mixing it up with my own sound and my own visions, I combined the beauty of the old with the beauty of the new. The result is this extended EP – ”Folk”.

The name rings true in both Swedish and English, stating the new and the traditional genre but also brings in the meaning of the Swedish word which is ”people”. This is an album for the people.

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