Street of Dreamix

Welcome to the remixed version of “Street of Dreams”.

This album is the result of 13 talented artists from all over the world, that was given one song each from my album “Street of Dreams” to remix as they wanted. The result is this unique album called “Street of Dreamix”

These are the artists involved in the project “Street of Dreamix”.

Tobiah It’s silly now – remix by Tobiah (S)
A love for robots, a sense for pop music mixed with computer game nostalgia – these are the influences that have formed the sound of Tobiah, reminiscent of classic electronic bands of the 80’s like Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. You can also hear elements of the Commodore C64 and Nintendo 8-bit (NES) if you listen carefully.

Himawari It’s just love – remix by Not Robo Boy, Himawari (JP)
From a young age, Takeshi showed an interest in music and theatre, and at 13, he began his formal music training. While attending Berkley, he fell into the world of electronic computer music which is also when his association with Julliard and the New England Conservatory began. Today Takeshi is a member of well known Japanese band Himawari.

Libra Running out of you – remix by Libra (S)
Libra is Magdalena Krantz from Hässleholm in the south of Sweden, though now a resident of Malmö. She creates her music exclusively on her computer and softsynths. Libra is also known for her work with renowned electro artists Andreas Tilliander and Sophie Rimheden. Her music is best described as electronica with trip hop influences.

Sophie Rimheden Mother’s Way, Father’s Way – remix by Sophie Rimheden (S)
Sophie Rimheden is a Swedish music producer within the electronic genre. She started writing songs at an early age (before school at 7 years old), and learnt to play the guitar in public school. At 13 years old she started making electronic music, and stuck with this genre. Sophie has released a number of albums and has gained a reputation as one of Sweden’s most prominent electro artists.

haLOteVE I won the first prize tonight – remix by haLOteVE (S)
is producer/musician M.Tromm. He was a founding member of The Wilson Hospital whose “Medication for a lost generation” was released to much critical acclaim in 2003. haLOteVE draws his inspiration from 80’s movie soundtracks (Fletch, Beverly Hills Cop, Star Wars) and electro dance music such as AIR, Daft Punk, Royksopp and Kraftwerk.

Nightfly December – remix by Nightfly (S)
Nightfly started as an experiment/art project between musicians and designers in 2005. The idea was to create music and design from a shared perspective and form of storytelling; design inspired by music and music inspired by design. During 2006 Nightfly grew from being just an experiment to a fully fledged label and have released 3 singles.

Nightfly Dominos – remix by Simon Gag (S)
Simon Gag’s music is influenced by the sound of electronic pioneers such as Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, Nitzer Ebb and Fad Gadget. In the 80’s he started playing in various local bands but soon replaced the more traditional music for Acid, techno and house music which came along as a liberation from all earlier conceptual barriers, meaning no boundaries and total artistic freedom.

Chuck Dread Holding your hand – remix by Chuck Dread (S)
Chuck Dread started playing music at the age of 5 and has been in a number of bands. Recently he’s been focusing primarily on remixing other artists, mostly Swedish, but also well known international stars. Today, he’s a part of the production team Cut & Paste. Due to his pop/rock background, his remixes usually target somewhere in-between pop/rock, alternative and electronica.

Noonakai Street of Dreams – remix by Noonakai (UK)
Noonakai is Irfan Shah. He has worked with a range of musicians and artists. For this remix of Street of Dreams he collaborated with Joe Crofton from the band Phonek and Arif Shah. Noonakai’s music finds its roots in Portishead and Lamb amongst others. The debut CD ‘All My Journeys’ is out now on Red Weather Records and available from itunes and other online stores.

Erase What happened on the bridge – remix by Erase (Åland/FI)
Erase has been conceiving, producing and performing all kinds of electronic music since the early 90s under different pseudonyms and for those of you who ever have been in contact with the Electron instruments (Machinedrum, Monomachine, Sidstation) the name is Owland. Erase is a genuine sound designer from the Aaland Islands between Sweden and Finland.

Moist Wish – remix by Moist (S)
Moist debug the brain universe of the hybrid corpse mechanism gene-dub of a chemical anthropoid to the abolition world-codemaniacs of the terror fear cytoplasm that was send back out the technojunkies’ era respiration-byte.

Nouvell Culture Will you call me when you’re sober – remix by Nouvelle Culture (F)
Nouvelle Culture originate from a union of passionate musicians and collectively represent a belonging to electro-pop music. Emerging from the new wave scene of Marseilles (France) in the second half of the 80’s, Jacky started a new adventure in 2005 by founding the label “Le cabaret electronique” with Lord Ruthwen. From this collaboration sprang Fading Pictures. A mix of Electro and New-Wave featuring Ladybionic’s vocals.

Johan Sigerud So good to me – remix by Johan Sigerud (S)
Johan Sigerud usually writes and performs with the bands The Soft Eyes, My Orchard and Parakitos. The aim of this remix was to create a different meaning than the original song, a celebration of a break-up and the individual as opposed to love and unity. He finds inspiration in noise, autistic kids, instant feelings, synthesizers, old guitars and childhood memories.

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