Santa – 2010

Every year I release a free single as a Christmas gift for my fans, but since Christmas also is a time for reflection I also urge my fans to support a good cause or a charity organization.

This year’s single “Santa” is given away to benefit The Body Shop and ECPAT’s world-wide campaign “Stop Sex Trafficking”, a campaign to bringing awareness of this modern-day slave trade that takes place around us, trafficking of children and young people. The single “Santa” is free to download as long as you help spread the message to all your friends on Facebook.

If you want to play the song at home Gehrman’s Publishing has provided a note sheet which is available for download here!

Read more about the campaign on The Bodyshop website.

Sofia Talvik - Santa

CREDITS: Written by Sofia Talvik. Produced by Joakim Lundgren. Vocals Sofia Talvik and Joakim Lundgren. All instruments by Joakim Lundgren except guitar Marcus Högquist. Photos by Camilla Svensk. Artwork by Sofia Talvik. © Makaki Music 2010 All rights reserved.

23 Replies to “Santa – 2010”

  1. I have enjoyed the Florida CD very much and shared the news of your talent with others.. However, I cannot seem to download the free song… I keep getting pushed to another page then there is either no download button or nothing happens?

    is it possible to view the Sofia designed carry bags as part of your Supporters project?

    1. Yuo have to use the download application next to the music player. It requires you to connect to Facebook and to “Like” the campaign page. Then you will get a download button. If you don’t use Facebook you can enter your e-mail in the box below the music åplayer that says: “I don’t use facebook so I want you to e-mail me the download”


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