12 new videos. Swedish artist palooza.

Last summer before the release of my latest album “Jonestown” I did a grand campaign with Swedish MySpace. During 12 weeks I performed all of the 12 songs from my album, with 12 different Swedish artists. I released a new video on MySpace each week.

Well it’s Wednesday today and I’ve collected all of my friends videos and are throwing a party with you all on my videopage.

I’ve decided to call it the “Sofiapalooza”. Why? According to the Urban Dictionary the word Palooza means:

The art of throwing a very drunken extravagent party with a plethora of friends. Whoever is throwing the palooza usually adds their name as a prefix to the word. Paloozas are usually held on Wednesday.

Come on in and watch the SOFIAPALOOZA!

Jonestown on a CD Baby Playlist!

I got a mail today from CD Baby, the largest indie-distributor in the U.S. They LOVE the Jonestown CD and are putting it on their “Haunting, Fractured Folk Pop collection” playlist.

Check it out here: https://cdbaby.com/playlist/7

This is what they said about the album:
“The CD Baby editorial staff hears hundreds of albums every day and we love your “SOFIA TALVIK: Jonestown” CD so much we’re going to include it in our upcoming Haunting, Fractured Folk Pop collection which will be featured on cdbaby.com for one week beginning on Wednesday, December 31st 2008.”

Listen to me live. SR P3 Live Sessions.

On Wednesday November 12 at 21.30, you can hear me play live in Sveriges Radio P3. I did a live session in front of a sitting audience last week. There will be a short interview with me also.
P3 Live Sessions

So if you can’t catch me live in Stockholm soon, be sure to listen in on this exclusive live performance.

Tune in here on November 12th at 21.30:

Or listen later in the week on their archive here:

Live on ZTV on Wednesday!

Me and my Tallboys will be playing a song live on “ZTV Presenterar” tomorrow, Wednesday, at 8.30 pm (kl 20.30). We’ll only be playing that one song so make sure to set the alarm! If you don’t have ZTV you can check it out online HERE