New album 2009: Blog #7

Yet a day in the closet recording a new song. Each time I go in there I’m stunned over by how long it actually takes to do all the takes, chorus vocals and everything. I spend at least half a day just recording vocals and editing them. As you’ve already seen my tiny closet studio this is just a blog and no vlog, but maybe I should call it a mlog because here’s a sample of today’s song for you. It’s called “You plate your heart with gold” and I was inspired to write it after I heard Mason Jenning’s song “Which way your heart will go” and actually thought he sang “you plate your heart with gold”. It’s a song about people posing to be better than they are. They keep hurting others but pretend they have a heart of gold.

This preview is unmixed and a work in progress and will probably sound a lot different on the album when released.

Listen here to: “You Plate Your Heart With Gold” by Sofia Talvik

New Album 2009: Vlog #5

“The closet recordings”… that’s a nice name  for a new album, but I’m not sure I’ll chose it for my upcoming one, although I have moved into the closet to continue my recordings. I’m doing some more vocal takes at home and ordered a mic stand from much cheaper than Guitar Center which I basically live on top of. Being alone in the closet gives me the comfort of having no one listening, being able to try out different stuff even if it might sound weird or wrong without a clock ticking away in a studio session. So I’ll probably do most of the vocals in here. Welcome to the tour!

New Album 2009: Vlog #4

Here’s a new Vlog from the recordings of the new album. I got two more session in the studio for the basics on July. A big thank you to Full Sail for having me there. It’s been fun and rewarding.

New Album 2009: Vlog #3

Here’s a short clip from today’s session at Full Sail University. I had a really nice group of aspiring engineers to work with today. Unfortunately there’s no music in the clip as it’s from after the actual session, but I’m throwing in a short preview of the song we recorded today.
It’s called “Florida” and the group joined me in the song booth for the chorus.
Click here to listen to the preview: floridapreview