Don’t miss me on Chicago Radio Monday 23rd!

Sofia Talvik live on UIC Radio
Sofia Talvik live on UIC Radio
Sofia Talvik live on UIC Radio

Tune into Chicago radio show “Noteworthy” on UIC radio (The official Illinois University radio) tomorrow Monday July 23rd at 5:30pm. I’ll be chatting about the tour and might even play at tune or two. You can listen through their website.

After the show, make sure you get on the bus to the Elbo Room where I’ll be performing at 10pm. Chicago based cellist Ian Maksin will be doing a set at 9pm so don’t miss that! We’ll also play a few tunes together! I can’t wait!

[quote]It’s not that I’m a fan of most Swedish artists because they take on American genres I find favor with, but more so how they approach them. I feel that sometimes for such a decidedly American creation as folk and its long association as being music for the thinking man, there is more pressure as an American to create something that lives up to the sound of its predecessors and that sentiment can be all too obvious to the listener at times. That feeling doesn’t come across when listening to Sofia Talvik’s latest album, The Owls Are Not What They Seem. There is an effortless emphasis on melody that is influenced by the past, but never indebted to it. On “Everybody’s Favorite Concubine,” Talvik delicately glides along in a sparse setting that throws a few nods to the 60s and is relaxed in the way in it conveys emotion. Once the background vocals softly come in, everything’s extra creamy. [/quote]

Hectic but Eclectic / UIC Radio

New book about Swedish artists

Vägen till Sångerna av Stefan Warnqvist
Vägen till Sångerna av Stefan Warnqvist
Vägen till Sångerna av Stefan Warnqvist

September 15th a new book about Swedish artists and bands is being released. The book contains interviews with artists from different genres and backgrounds and a complete discography is included for each artist. I’m interviewed in the book and you can buy it on the Adlibris website, Bokus and other online stores.

The book is in Swedish and here’s a brief description of it:

Vägen till sångerna. Samtal om kreativitet och låtskrivande

Hur går det till när en låt skapas? Hur influeras låtskrivare av annan musik och andra konstformer? Hur påverkar tiden och platsen den kreativa processen? Vad tycker låtskrivare om nedladdning och turnéliv? Hur påverkas de av den sjunkande skivförsäljningen?
I Vägen till sångerna samtalar musiker från olika bakgrunder och genrer kring dessa och andra frågor med musikskribenten Stefan Warnqvist. I centrum står nyare låtskrivare varav de flesta har skivdebuterat under de senaste åren. Några har skördat framgång världen över, andra har hittat hängivna lyssnare inom en viss subkultur. Alla har de en intressant historia att berätta om låtskrivandet och sitt förhållande till musiken.
De intervjuade är Asha Ali, Anna Frank, Lisa Lindal, Miss Li, Timo Räisänen, Elin Ruth Sigvardsson, Syster Sol, Edith Söderström, Sofia Talvik samt låtskrivare från grupperna Anagram (Anna Einarsson), Backyard Babies och Nicke Borg Homeland (Nicke Borg), Billie the Vision & the Dancers (Lars Lindquist), Dear Euphoria (Elina Johansson), Dungen (Gustav Ejstes), Fröken Underbar (Sandra Vilppala), Hästpojken (Martin Elisson och Adam Bolméus), Montag Mania och De Lescano (Isabel De Lescano och Fredrik Blank), Taken By Trees (Victoria Bergsman), The Tiny (Ellekari Larsson Sander och Leo Svensson Sander), Urban Tribe Stockholm (Adam Atterby) och Za Frûmi (Simon Kölle).

Boken innehåller utförliga intervjuer med en unik sammansättning av svenska låtskrivare inom olika musikstilar, ett rikligt och många gånger exklusivt bildmaterial samt albumdiskografier för varje artist.

Singing with Modesty Blaise!

The greatest thing about doing these videos is that so many fab artists from so man different genres has participated, doing their own thing with my songs, adding their own touch!

Emma Nylén, singer in the band Paris and her own electro/disco project Emmon joined me on my first “Jonestown” single “As summers pass”. Emma reminds me of Modesty Blaise with her jet black hair and beautiful big eyes. If Modesty could sing, I’m sure she’d be thrilled if she sounded like Emma.

Sofia Talvik / Emmon – As summers pass

Guest artist:
As summers pass (Jonestown 2008)

The 15th of September, I’m releasing my third album “Jonestown” in the U.S and later in Japan. To give you a preview of the songs from the album I have gathered 12 of my favorite Swedish artists who will each do one song from the album live with me on tape.

You will get the opportunity to meet well known artists as well as up and coming new stars, and when the videos are all released we’ll turn it into a competition where you can win signed albums of “Jonestown”.

About Emmon:
Emmon is the solo project of Emma Nylén. She is also one of the member of the Swedish pop-band Paris. The Emmon-project was started in 2001 as an experimental music vs. art project under her art studies at Konstfack University Collage of fine Art in Stockholm. Emmon’s computer based music lies on the border between pop, synth, electro and disco music. Its based on her vocal resources with a lot of attitude and melodic pop songs. She also working as a DJ and doing remixes for other bands and artists. For example: The Knife, Melody Club, Homy, Soviac, Postplay

Guest artist Jonna Lee

Worldwide release!

In the end of October 2009 I’m releasing my third album “Jonestown” in the USA and later on in Japan. To give you a preview of the songs from the album I have gathered 12 of my favorite Swedish artists who will each perform one song from the album live with me on tape. Every week a new video is released, with a new song and a new guest artist.

First you’ll meet Jonna Lee, and be sure to stay tuned to see who comes next.

(ps. the album is not a duet album, the videos are exclusive versions of the songs ds.)
Sofia Talvik / Jonna Lee – Diamonds

Song: Diamonds
Album: Jonestown
Guest artist: Jonna Lee

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Jonna Lee:

* She made a whole electro album last year, but changed her mind in time for release because it didn’t feel right.
* After that, she wrote, recorded, and produced “10 pieces, 10 bruises” under 2007 (with Claes Björklund)
* She wrote the song “And your love” with Ed Harcourt in mind, sent him the song and then recorded it as a duet a few weeks later.

12 new videos. Swedish artist palooza.

Last summer before the release of my latest album “Jonestown” I did a grand campaign with Swedish MySpace. During 12 weeks I performed all of the 12 songs from my album, with 12 different Swedish artists. I released a new video on MySpace each week.

Well it’s Wednesday today and I’ve collected all of my friends videos and are throwing a party with you all on my videopage.

I’ve decided to call it the “Sofiapalooza”. Why? According to the Urban Dictionary the word Palooza means:

The art of throwing a very drunken extravagent party with a plethora of friends. Whoever is throwing the palooza usually adds their name as a prefix to the word. Paloozas are usually held on Wednesday.

Come on in and watch the SOFIAPALOOZA!