Åh Kristina, guldet blev till sand

Sofia Talvik is playing live in Minnesota this week
Sofia Talvik is playing live in Minnesota this week
Sofia Talvik is playing live in Minnesota this week

This week I’m heading up to Karl-Oskar and Kristina’s old hoods, i.e Minnesota! I’m doing a bunch of gigs in the area so I hope to see you and all your Swedish and American friends there! Here’s my upcoming shows in MN:

Wednesday, 08/08 in Mankato, MN at The Coffee Hag with the lovely Goodnight Gold Dust show starts 7pm
Thursday, 08/09 in Minneapolis, MN at First Avenue with The Union Suits show starts at 9pm ($8 admission)
Saturday, 08/11 in Minneapolis, MN at FIKA / American Swedish Institue an exclusive acoustic experience in the American Swedish Institute’s new coffee shop, show starts at noon

My RV life

As most of my friends in Sweden go to bed at midnight almost all activity on fb comes to a stall at 6pm my time.

So lately I’ve been hanging out on iRV2 instead. There’s always things going on there. Like how about this thread “Possibly diet coke exploding in camper?”. There’s a lot to learn if you’re new to RVing too. I read a lot about tires and batteries these days. A while ago we actually crafted insulation for our vents after I read about it on the forum. Comes in handy now that it’s cold here in NC.

And if you ask something people actually answer and try to help you.
The RV life itself is great too even though I think it’s too cold in NC (around 30F/0•C). We should have stayed in FL… Both me an J got a grey hoodie that we wear in the RV, just like an old Swedish TV show called “Macken” where all the campers wore the same tracking suits. So when I jokingly asked J today why he loves me he said “because you’re cute and have the same clothes as me”. Well I guess I better keep that hoodie on then 😉


E – Part Four of H.A.T.E out soon

LOVE/HATE EPs by Sofia Talvik
LOVE/HATE EPs by Sofia Talvik
Listen here to all the EPs

The last part of the H.A.T.E saga is coming to en end. Swedish rockers Akribi is releasing the EP “E – Part Four of H.A.T.E” December 1st and a year of music has gone by. I’ve had such a great time hearing my songs in new suits. First with all the L.O.V.E EPs which were each produced by one of the guys in my band and ranged from acoustic to pop to electronica to americana. And then the biggest difference of all with the awesome four metal bands Ball of Mayhem, G.A.I.N, Badmouth and Akribi who turned my songs into thundering hard rock! It proves that a song never has to be stuck in one genre – at least if it’s a good song 😉

You can listen to all the EPs HERE and pre-order Akribi’s EP HERE!

Thanks for listening and supporting me all year!


Sofia partners with Worldsound


Sofia did a splendid job at SXSW, knocked out the audience at no less than 6 showcases and started a collaboration with American label Worldsound.

– It’s a collaboration that suits the way I work, says Sofia, we have a partner deal so I won’t be kicking off my shoes and wait for anyone else to take charge. My goal has always been to carry a strong business and be able to make my own choices. With Worldsound I have finally found a US label that is on the same page as me.

Worldsound describes Sofia as “The best Swedish discovery since Ikea”.

Worldsound will represent Sofia and Makaki Music worldwide, outside of Sweden, starting in March 2009.