Niagara falls and the Baconator

Last tour we visited Pittsburgh and met a band called Social Stitch. They took the guys out for Wendy’s. Anyways, to make a long story short, this gave birth to the Baconator-joke. All the guys in the band were suddenly talking about nothing but the baconator at Wendy’s. But when we returned to Sweden, noone had yet tasted it. So for Johan and Marcus who unfortunately aren’t with us at this tour, these pics are for you:

Careful, it can sense fear!
Finally - the baconator!

Even though we have 6 gigs this tour, several of them are twice a day, which means we have much more free time than the last tour. This is why we decided to take a daytrip to the Niagara falls. It was really wonderful and I’m so glad I went there. I happen to love a tv-show called “Wonderfalls” so it was awsome to see the falls in real life and I visited the souvenir shop in search of a yellow lion for my friend Jenny.

Me in front of the falls.
It's actually hard to imagine how big they really are...