Merry Christmas

Sofia Talvik in Forida for Xmas
Sofia Talvik in Forida for Xmas
Me in front of a huge Christmas tree in Florida

Too early? Well here in Florida, where the sun is shining every day and there’s no sign of any snow people have already started putting up their Christmas decorations. You guys know that my tradition is to release a Christmas song every year and I just thought I’d let you know that I will this year too!

This year I’m happy to announce that the charity connected to the song will be Action Aid. Action Aid works in 6 different areas: Hunger, Education, Women’s rights, Economic justice, Emergencies and conflict and HIV/AIDS.

The song will be released Advent second, or December 4th if you will. Keep checking in for updates!

Summer heat puts wings on my feet.

Summer must be the worst time of the year to record an album.

My dicipline is running low when the sun is shining. One isn´t spoiled with warm weather here in the cold north so I´ve taken the opportunity to enjoy it while it lasts instead of sitting in my bunker.

Anyway, I haven´t been as lazy as you might think but I haven´t had any nice bits to put up for show here on the blog. Today´s been a really productive day, until I realized the battery in my guitar must be running out and some of the songs I´ve recorded today has an irritating loud buzz to them. It´s sad but I have to throw them away and record them again.

I´ve got a new lovely musician to add to my orchestra (isn´t myspace wonderful!), at least for this album. His name is Myles and he may be playing some (grand?) piano on some of the songs. Todays hit "Dominos" is just shipped off to get some beautiful piano instead of my strumming guitar, I can´t wait to hear what he´ll make of it.

That´s all for tonight folks, my shoulders are aching and I´m off to bed.

Enjoy a preview of "Dominos" here.

cheers Sofia