This week’s guest artist: William Crafoord

Worldwide release!

In the end of October 2009 I’m releasing my third album “Jonestown” in the USA and later on in Japan. To give you a preview of the songs from the album I have gathered 12 of my favorite Swedish artists who will each perform one song from the album live with me on tape. Every week a new video is released, with a new song and a new guest artist.

When William called me on his way over to shoot this video, he asked me if he should bring a red clown’s nose. As it turned out he didn’t, but it might have been great fun, and the fact that he thought of this says a lot about him as an artist and performer. You could easily say William isn’t afraid of making anything a show. This is why I’m so happy to announce him as one of this week’s guest artist.

William Crafoord is an old time idol of mine. When I was about 12 William had a Swedish rap band called “Just D“. It’s safe to say I had all their albums and was somewhat obsessed 😉 Anyway, William has come a long way since then and has released several albums, both as part of the group “Just D” and as a solo artist.
Lately William has put together several musical and theatrical shows, with well known artists such as Salem al Fakir as well as with his dog Django (who also participates in this video). Here you’ll see him singing my song “Clown” from my upcoming album “Jonestown” with me. Enjoy!

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Sofia Talvik / William Crafoord – Clown