Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar 2012 #13

Sofia Talvik's Xmas Calendar, window 13
Sofia Talvik's Xmas Calendar, window 13
Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar, window 13

December 13th is the celebration of Saint Lucia in Sweden. We usually celebrate by having a “Lussetåg” a Lucia parade, but instead me and Sweden’s sweetest jazz singer Anna Christoffersson are going to teach you how to bake Swedish Lucia Saffron Bread. We’re also going to sing you a Christmas song!

Watch the video here!

Still haven’t figured out what to get your lovers for Christmas and missed out on my special Christmas offer a few days ago? Don’t fret! Anna have some excellent albums that will make great Christmas gifts to anyone with good taste in music! Go here to get Anna’s albums:
American iTunes
Swedish iTunes

Sofia and Anna in California!
Sofia and Anna in California!

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West coast!

We had a couple of lovely days in Seattle, and now we’re working our way down the west coast. Last night we did a great gig at The Mint in LA. My friend Anna Christoffersson showed up as she’s in LA working on her new album. Me and Anna baked Saffron bread in my Christmas Calendar, if you haven’t seen it check it out here!

We spent the day with Anna in Santa Monica the day after, it was lovely to walk around for a bit before cramming all the gear in the truck again and heading to San Diego.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I’m playing in San Diego so don’t miss my gig there!

Here’s some pics from the tour

Driving in to LA

Playing at the Mint

Sign outside the Mint

Cool stage

Me and Anna

Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar: #13

If I were to show an American pictures from the Swedish Lucia celebration, they would probably think it was some kind of KKK meeting. But here in the cold, dark north celebrating Lucia is celebrating light in the darkness and used to be on the same day as the winter solstice, but now it’s set to December 13th every year.

Various things are tradition on Lucia, like baking saffron buns. So I teamed up with renowned jazz singer Anna Christoffersson and started baking!

Don’t miss out on Anna Christoffersson’s Christmas concerts at Glenn Millers Café December 17 and 18th.

Get the recipe for the buns here!