Christmas is approaching!

I know what you think – but it’s only the beginning of November. But December 1st my Advent Calendar or Christmas Calendar as it is also called will start airing on my website. An Advent calendar is a special calendar which is used to count or celebrate the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. If you never heard of an Advent calendar before, check it out here.

A lot of crazy stuff is gonna happen, and I want YOU to be a part of it. Check out the different ways you can participate below:

Get a rhyme for your Christmas gift
One of the windows in my calendar will be a what we in Sweden call a “rimstuga”. Litterally it means rhyme cottage, but it really means that people get together to make up rhymes for their Christmas gifts. If you are planning on giving a Christmas gift to someone special and need help with the rhyme, me and my band will help you do it live in one of the calendar shows. Just email your name, who the gift is for and what it is to and we hope to come up with something good for you. We’ll write the rhymes in either English or Swedish and they will also be published on my website. You can submit until December 1st, mark your email RHYME.

Get Sofia as a Christmas caroler!
Would you like to have Sofia turn up on your doorstep singing a couple of Christmas songs for you, or do you want to send her as a caroler-ogram to someone you love? It will be filmed and aired as a window in the calendar. Send an email to with your name, who you would like Sofia to sing for, your phone number and address and we’ll get in touch with you. Mark the email CAROL. Due to logistics this offer will only be available in Stockholm, Sweden.

What’s the Christmas gift of the year?
Every year people speculate about what will become the Christmas gift of the year. I’m not asking you to do that … BUT! I am asking you what you think should be the Christmas gift of the year. It could be anything from world peace to some crazy thingie you found online. The best/funniest/most special ideas will be presented as a window in the calendar and will be awarded a Sofia Talvik Christmas gift with 3 signed CDs. Send an email to with your name and adress, what you think should be the Christmas gift of the year and most importantly why. Feel free to include links to pictures if it’s a thing you can buy. Mark the email GIFT.