Booking the MidWest!

Playing the MidWest late summer!
Playing the MidWest late summer!
Playing the MidWest late summer!

So right now we’re booking the great plains of the MidWest for August and September. And this is where we want YOUR recommendations on where to play and what not to miss. We will try to stay on the 80 as much as possible. Also if you’re living in any of the following states: IA, NE, CO or WY we are now open for house concerts. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about how this works, you can also read this post that I wrote a while back that roughly describes it. You can always get in touch with me through my contact page.

I’m looking forward to hear from you!

Happy New Year!

Playing live at Stardust Video and Coffee in Orlando, FL

Happy New Year!

This has been a great year with lots of stuff happening. I made 4 EP albums with 4 different producers, the wonderful guys in my backing band. And all of you chipped in and funded the releases so that we were able to finish the project. 4 ass-kicking metal bands did 4 ass-kicking cover albums of my EPs and one of them actually released a video too (or rather will release in a few days so I’m cheating by telling you now) Badmouth made a video of their cover of my song “To watch the bridges burn”, check it out here!

Throughout the year I have worked hard to get an artist visa to the US, and thanks again to my wonderful fans who helped out with house concert contracts and letters of recommendation I finally got my visa and packed my things and went to Florida in November. In December my big “Drivin’ & Dreaming tour” took off and I’ve now been all around Florida playing in different venues. One unexpected thing that I experienced is that I had at least a few loyal fans show up for every gig. I didn’t know there’s be so many of you!

Throughout the tour we’ve had the RV break down and fixed, nothing major yet thank God. We’ve been invited to have dinner with Greg and Michelle of The Refinery, Tampa, for southern shrimps and grits at Sian and Otis’ in St Petes and to stay the night in a really cool A frame cottage with Doris in Melrose to mention a few of all the lovely people we’ve encountered along the way.

It’s now time to say good bye to Florida and head up to South Carolina and Georgia for January. Many new experiences are to come, many new shows to be played. We’re heading into new states and a new year. In January my new album “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” will be released and I hope you will continue to support my tour as I go through America in my old RV – Drivin’ and Dreaming.

Happy New 2012



5 carrots from Bluesbunny

Review: Sofia Talvik Jonestown
5/5 carrots from Bluesbunny

“This is an album that mixes fragility with emotional depth and it has an intensity that is most unusual. In fact, it could well be described as spiritual. The songs reward repeated listens and at the point of understanding, Ms Talvik’s voice and Tobias Fröberg’s sensitive, understated production gel perfectly. Elegant, sophisticated and warm, this is an easy recommendation for those of us who still have a soul.”
review by Bluesbunny