E – update #1

E - Part Four of L.O.V.E


We’ve already reached 41% of our goal! Thanks so much for helping me get some good music out there once again!

You’ve already heard one of the demos from the new EP, but I’m going to treat you to some more. One thing that I really like is when my fans contact me and tell me what they would like me to deliver. I can only assume you all want some good music, so it really helps me out when you share your ideas with me, and the other day Christoffer from Sweden emailed me and told me he’d really like to hear the demos before they were all produced and ready for release.

So for the first pledge update for “E – Part Four of L.O.V.E” I’m going to post some demos.

Thanks for pledging HERE! Enjoy!

E - Part Four of L.O.V.E
E - Part Four of L.O.V.E

The Garden (Demo) by Makaki Music

If I Had a Man (Demo) by Makaki Music