Lots of parties!

I know it’s a kinda weird headline, but this week there has been a lot of parties. Monday night me and the band celebrated the release of “Florida” at the beautiful “Södra Teatern” in Stockholm. We had a great night, the place was packed and we played 8 of the songs from the new album. No one asked me if I could play any ABBA so that was a perk!

Yesterday I attended my friend Dusty Monroe‘s release party for his debut album. Dusty himself looked a bit like Robert Smith on stage with wild makeup and tousled hair. During the gig ballet dancers, robots and a pregnant opera singer in a white sorcerers dress appeared on stage. Half my band who also play with Dusty were all made up in greek helmets and makeup. I was bummed they didn’t wear the same outfit to our release.. or not haha. It was a great gig. Dusty is really a live artist, but check out his album if you like electronica mixed with pop and surf.

Dusty Monroe live at Teater Peró
Dusty with a giant robot

I’m off to Gothenburg today to play at a radio show tomorrow and see my parents. Mum and dad have just been backpacking in India. They’re rather adventurous for a retired couple. Me and Jonas is actually alone in the first class carriage, and we just got stuck south of Stockholm due to some problems with the tracks. Good thing I’m in first class where there’s free wifi so I can do some blogging.