All tomorrow’s parties

I have an exciting fall ahead of me. My album Jonestown is being released in the US, Canada and Japan at the end of October and I have a lot of fun gigs coming up both in Sweden and in the US. The good thing is that a lot of these gigs are free and you should definitely swing by if you’re in the neighbourhood. Here’s what’s coming up:

Sofia Talvik live at Musslan, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden:
September 22nd: Musslan, Dalagatan 46
No admission

September 29th: Berlin bar, Skånegatan 71
No admission
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New York, NY, USA
October 22nd: CMJ, The Swedish Showcase, hosted by Music export Sweden at Norwood, 241 W 14 Street

More gigs in the US will be announced shortly.

Sweden goes SXSW

We had a pretty awful gig last night. It was one of those gigs where you just want to kill yourself the entire time, but try to keep smiling and having a good time anyways. But today the sun is shining and we started fresh with a nice gig on Red Gorilla Fest on 6 street and are now setting up for a private party for the Swedish chamber of commerce. Tomorrow, we’re playing at “Sweden goes SXSW” it’s an open gig so swing by if you’re in the neighbourhood. We’re playing at noon.

This is how fun we had AFTER our gig last night (especially Joakim) I’ll put up some more clips later: