KRWG music spotlight

KRWG Music Spotlight
KRWG Music Spotlight

I visited KRWG when I was in Las Cruces, NM in January and recorded a few songs live for their Music Spotlight. It’s now aired and you can check it out here! And when you’re there make sure you check out my friends in Secret Circus as well, you can find their music spotlight here!

Totally free music spotlight!

The blog “Totally free music” writes a little something about my summer single. Click the text to read the full version:

“Song spotlight: Sofia Talvik Strawberries on my tongue
In one of the best uses of Twitter I have yet seen, Swedish singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Sofia Talvik has made her new summer single, “Strawberries On My Tongue”, available for the “price” of one tweet. (…) Though it’s not yet summer anywhere on this planet, listening to “Strawberries On My Tongue” might make you feel like it is (even if you have a frost warning in your overnight forecast, as I do!). Happy listening!”