E – Part Four of H.A.T.E

E - Part Four of H.A.T.E by Akribi
E - Part Four of H.A.T.E by Akribi
E - Part Four of H.A.T.E by Akribi

So you thought the year was over? That there would be no more Sofia-songs to enjoy? Well you thought wrong. As a special treat we still have “E – Part Four of H.A.TE” coming up December 1st like an early Christmas gift.

I’m so happy to tell you that the last EP of the H.A.T.E saga is being recorded by Swedish band Akribi, who is the first band in the project to have a female singer (and she’s pretty damn hot too!).

In a sea of generic female-fronted metal bands, Akribi blatantly defies the worn-out gothic/operatic formula, staying uncompromisingly true to its progressive- and melodic metal roots. Based in the Swedish metal capital of Gothenburg, Akribi delivers its own brand of metal influenced by genre-defining acts such as Dream Theater, Symphony X and Marillion, but also by bands far outside the progressive genre.

Their debut album “Black Morning Sun” has recently been released to great acclaim, with reviewers calling it: “a jewel of an album, and a must have for fans of new progressive metal” and “premier league prog metal immaculately recorded with impeccable sound“, with the band being called: “one of the best female fronted progressive metal bands I’ve ever heard“.

So my hopes for Akribi’s addition to H.A.T.E is sky high!

Akribi has actually already sent me a teaser by a few pics from the studio. Let the count down begin!

Andreas by the piano
Andreas by the piano
Alexander in the studio
Alexander in the studio
David playing some licks
David playing some licks!
Jessica recording some magic!
Jessica recording some magic!

Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar: #14

I once tried to bribe Fredrik Strage in the breakfast room at TV4. He was going to talk about new hip music, and I was going to play live at the TV4 Morning show where Fredrik is a profile every now and then. Apparently Fredrik wasn’t that easy to bribe that time, but he did want to be a guest in my Xmas Calendar when I asked him nicely.

If you’re easily scared, this is not an episode for you. Fredrik shows us his favourite scenes from Christmas horror movies, and he seems to have an evil side of himself as well …

Due to being unable to include the copyright material from the movies in this episode of the Xmas Calendar, I had to cut this episode up in parts, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Nightmare before Christmas

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Loads of cool stuff today!

I’ve had a hectic day. This morning I woke up to several text messages from my friends telling me I’m on the cover of the two daily free-of-charge newspapers we have here in Sweden, Metro and City. After that I packed up my guitar and headed to the office of Sweden’s biggest newspaper Dagens Nyheter and guested them in their web TV cast, chatted with my fans and played a song live from the new album. One of my fans also allerted me on the chat that my blog on Aftonbladet.se is the third most read music blog in Sweden right now. That’s just awsome. So this is a happy day indeed. (Click the pictures to read the articles)

metro   city

Click the pictures to check out the interview, the live performance and my Aftonbladet blog here:
dn   blog toplist

Live on national TV

Yesterday I woke up at 3 am to play on a national TV morning show. You can watch it here:

Video: My James Dean live TV4
Video: Sofia Talvik interview TV4
Video: Jonestown live TV4


Morning has broken

I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking if it’s me doing the cover on “Morning has Broken” in the TV4 Nyhetsmorgon commersial. Yes it actually is! I also play all the instruments except the lovely trombone which Kristoffer Jonsson has contributed with (you can hear more from Kristoffer on my new album). Unfortunately the whole song is not available here on my website, but I’ve been told you can find it on www.piratebay.org 😉 (http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4348331)

Here’s the commersial: