Love from L.A.

I just landed in LA. It’s kind of a bit cooler here than in Texas, I didn’t really count on that but I did bring a sweater so I’ll be fine. I just checked in to the Saharan Motor Hotel, and Warren from Worldsound who is with me reluctantly checked in to the same hotel although he refered to his room as “creepy”. Mine is ok, it’s your average motel room.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with the guys at the Swedish Consulate, and then I’ll be playing at their dinner. I probably won’t have any time to do anything else which is good because then time will fly until I get back to Jonas in Stockholm.

LA Woman

So, I’m in LA meeting with the music industry. So far there’s been alot of business so it was a breeze to take a night off and check out a cool bar in town with Swedish singer Martina Cederqvist who lives and works here. Martina is originally from Gotland but came to LA to pursue her music career, very much like me only I don’t live here (yet) hehe.