2nd highest building in the world

We’ve just been up in the CN tower in Toronto. Pretty high up. they even had a glass floor that you could walk on, nothing for people who are afraid of hights I tell you. My drummer Joakim and I jumped on it, though our instincts did scream noooo! Tonight we’re showcasing on Bread&Circus, 9pm. I feel like I’m coming down with a cold, the worst possible scenario, but I do have like the worst immune system in the world. I’ve been fed with echinaguard and esberitox by my band so hopefully it will pass quickly.

Vlog from CN tower

CN tower
CN Tower fom the outside
Being tourists!
View 1
View from the tower
Glass floor
Like standing on thin air
view 2
Massive shadow from the tower
Joakim taking a photo of Christian
View from the tower