The grand final with Maia Hirasawa

So. This is the last video to be posted, and you have now heard all 12 songs from my new album “Jonestown”.

Last but not least I’m happy to present Maia Hirasawa. Maia received a P3 Guld award for newcomer of the year when she released her album, and I had to go all the way to Gothenburg to record this song with her. I caught her in the middle of her changing apartments but she was as happy and carefree as her own music is, and she also brought that to the last song of this series of videos, “Something Good”.

Sofia Talvik / Maia Hirasawa – Something good

Song: Something Good (Jonestown 2008)
Guest artist: Maia Hirasawa

About Maia:
Maia Hirasawa has sung in a million different bands we most recently recognize her as the backing vocalist and multi instrumentalist in Hello Saferide, but she also played support to HS the entire of last year and sold every copy of her demo that she had the energy to burn on her Macbook. She won the Roland/Sami price for the best un-signed act of 2006. She’s in fact a skilled jazz singer, has a background as a Brit-popper and listens to Loney Dear and Rufus Wainright, but not to Regina Spektor, simply cause everyone says that they bear resemblance. She is half Japanese. “Though I’m Just Me”, is the name of Maia Hirasawa’s solo debut album.

Stay tuned for the competition, which will begin soon, where you can win signed albums!

Tack och adjö era små bloggrumpor!

Jag skulle egentligen bara blogga under min USA-turné men eftersom det var så förfärligt kul att hänga här har jag liksom bara fortsatt och fortsatt, jag blev en bloggrumpa helt enkelt. Men nu kära vänner känner jag att alla goda ting måste komma till ett slut och så även denna blogg. Men eftersom det är “better to burn out than to fade away” så tänkte jag avsluta denna bloggen med en grymt bra video, den sista i raden gästspel, nämligen Maia Hirasawa.
Tack alla som läst, kommenterat och engagerat er. I fortsättningen ses vi på

Sofia Talvik / Maia Hirasawa – Something good