Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar: #20

The snow and cold has really covered Stockholm, but when I arrived in London it was still green and sunny. The blizzard hit the day after though but I doubt it will take some time before it stays on the ground like it does here. But even though it’s no winter wonderland in London (yes I know the rest of the UK is white already) they did pile up on the Christmas decorations.

In today’s episode I’m visiting London, a city all dressed up for Christmas.

Jajaja Xmas Party in London

I’ve done 3 Christmas shows in Stockholm, and you’ll be able to see the last one in tomorrow’s window of my Xmas Calendar. So for all of you living in the UK, that haven’t had the chance to attend my Christmas shows, here’s your chance now! I’m playing live at Jajaja’s Xmas Party this Thursday, December 17th, at the Lexington.

I won’t play just Christmas songs but I might treat you to one of my free Christmas singles available on