Album release tomorrow!!!

The Owls Are Not What They Seem

Last chance saloon for all of you that haven’t pre-ordered your copy of my new album “The Owls Are Not What They Seem”. You have until midnight tonight to get your pre-order or you will turn into a pumpkin or possibly an owl. The only signed physical albums that will be available are the pre-order ones. After January 31st you’ll only be able to get the digital version of the album.

A big thank you to all that pre-ordered and to my wonderful musicians and Martin Hederos and Pontus Borg for adding their magic to this magic album.

The Owls Are Not What They Seem
The Owls Are Not What They Seem

E – Update #5

E - Part Four of L.O.V.E

We’re down to the final week before “E – Part Four of L.O.V.E” is about to released, which means that this is you last chance to pre-order a CD, T-shirt or any of the other items on the pledge site.

All the items are hand made by me and are exclusive to this EP, meaning they will only be available for pre-order and can’t be purchased after the release. All the CDs have hand made covers and are signed as well. The posters are signed and numbered.

You’ve heard some previews of the songs and I hope you like them. Today I’m posting a little video blog from when we’re mixing the song Lower Case Letters. As you know my producers have each chosen one of my previously released songs to make a re-make of and Marcus chose Lower Case  Letters from the album Jonestown.

As usual you’ll get to hear a preview of the finished song at the end of the video.

Private shop closing temporarily soon.

This is the last chance to get personally signed albums sent to you before the summer!

Click here to go to my private shop.
Sofia Talvik Shop

So why am I closing my shop? I’m about to head over to the U.S to start to record a new album.
I’m leaving in May and will be there for about three months. I’m leaving all my albums at home since I don’t want to drag them with, so I will not be able to ship any signed album to you guys.

The shop closes 26th April.
I’ll keep you informed on when I’ll be opening the shop again.