Cleveland radio

Sofia Talvik at WRUW 91.1 Roll Away the Dew

I’ve visited some folk radio shows here in Cleveland, OH for my upcoming shows. I was invited to play some songs and chat about the tour at Just Plain Folk with Twistin’ Tom and will put up a link when it’s airing, and Saturday July 7th Jimmie Wilson of WRUW 91.1’s morning show Roll Away the Dew treated me to some studio time as well, to which you can listen here: 

Sofia Talvik at WRUW 91.1 Roll Away the Dew
Sofia Talvik at WRUW 91.1 Roll Away the Dew

“I love you and all your shoes”

So I just told you I love food… Well I also love shoes. And any girl who loves shoes knows it’s more like an addiction. There are ladies who loves handbags. Me, I buy one that I love after many hours looking for the perfect one and wear it till it falls apart (quite literally).

But shoes… They’re quite a different story. I guess I could say I’m a shoe collector with no intention of being one. I see them and I think I shouldn’t. I think I have too many already. And yet they call out to me. Their tiny voices saying “buy me, buy me”.

So today with 15 minutes to spare between work and party I found these great not too high heeled boots on sale (of course).

I asked if they had a return policy – no.

I asked if I could have them reserved until tomorrow – no.

(At this point I felt I’d done all I could to turn them down.)

What was left to do but to buy them?

In a weak moment I heard myself saying” I’ll take them”, while picturing my overfull wardrobe at home, and at the same time picturing someone else walking away in these boots on sale in my size…

Walking to the party with the bag in my hand, I kept thinking how my husband would sigh over me buying yet another pair of shoes I don’t need. So when I called him later from the bar and told him about that new pair of shoes that would clutter our apartment I dreaded the worst but he said… “Honey, I love you and all your shoes”.

And I guess that’s a story of true love, whether you apply it to the shoes or the wife buying them.

new shoes
Yet another pair of great shoes, Jimmy Choo for HM

Att lägga sitt liv i någon annans händer

Jag såg just ett inlägg på en annan blog med en video om hur företaget som tillverkar knapparna vid övergångsställena har en guds-hand som symbol och ber böner varje morgon. Det tyckte jag var otäckt. Att företag som når ut till miljoner människor har gömda symboler och budskap i sina produkter. Usch! 

Jim Jones (The Jonestown institute)

Själv ger jag ut en skiva nästa vecka som heter “Jonestown“. Den är döpt efter sekten People’s Temple i USA, där Pastor Jim Jones tvingade de drygt 900 medlemmarna att begå självmord 1978. Inte för att jag tror på det som de trodde på, och inte för att jag vill uppmana folk att begå självmord. Utanför att jag tycker att det är naturligt att ta ansvar för sitt eget liv och sina egna handlingar. Lägger man sitt liv i någon annans händer kan det hända att den personen slänger bort det. Därför tyckte jag att videon i detta inlägget var riktigt läskig och borde ge folk en tankeställare.

Jag lägger in videon här, men kolla gärna orginalposten.