New interview on Riveting Riffs!

Canadian Music Zine “Riveting Riffs” has just published a fresh interview with me!

“Sofia Talvik is a pop star on the rise. She has already conquered her native Sweden, won the hearts of those at Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival in August of 2008, and in March of 2009 the gifted singer / songwriter, with the breathtaking vocals, will be appearing at SXSW in Austin Texas, followed by an appearance at the Canadian Music Festival in Toronto, Canada. Talvik, who writes all of her lyrics in English, has received strong radio play on Sweden’s radio stations, and recently recorded a mini concert and interview for SR P3, which was aired on November 12th. Her current CD Jonestown is causing quite a stir on the international music scene, with her single, “My James Dean…”

Read the full 2 page interview here:
Sofia Talvik on Riveting Riffs

New video released

So you thought my last music video was retro with its 50’s theme? Well you aint seen nothing yet! This is the new video for my single “Clown” and this time I decided I would do it all by myself. So I did all the make-up and styling and filmed it (yes I used a camera stand). Then I cut it and edited it. But I’m not ready to throw away Jonas’ fabulous producer skills just yet, I did have him help me creating the “burn-out” effect on the last few frames of the vid 😉

This is the first music video I’ve ever made and the second video I’ve made..ever (you’ve probably seen the behind the scenes video to “My James Dean”). I was inspired by old pictures and the creepy sense of the circus that the TV series “Carnivale” captured so well. The entire video was shot in my bedroom (but I won’t do a Pamela just yet), and the fab hat and stick was borrowed from my friend Theresia, they used to belong to her grandpa..

Rave review from Ninthspace

I just got this lovely review from Ninthspace! Thank you so much! 🙂

“I guess, by the time a musician gets to their third album they know whether it’s going to work out for them. Not writing, recording and touring as a hobby, but embracing their talents and working with something that’s turned out to be innate to their existence. There are perhaps a handful of musicians that I could categorise in such a way.

With the release of Jonestown, Sofia Talvik easily gets over the idea of the difficult third album (younger sibling of the difficult second album) and turns out a collection that eclipses her first two. Opening track and lead single As Summers Pass recalls the past with its acoustic progressions, but the subsequent song My James Dean is astonishing.

Because it’s not what you’re expecting. Sure it has these synth pads that appear to hang over from its predecessor, but the guitar loops lower, more geared towards grooving. The best way I can describe it is the merging of the droning synth-rock of Stereolab and the sub-Spektor inclinations of El Perro del Mar with piano too.

Over the top of this comes Sofia’s outstanding vocals and a plaintiff declaration that I’m not that special. But she is.

Jag trÀffade Sveriges radio-hunk!

Fredrik bakom rattarna

För det fÄr man ju kalla honom, Fredrik Eliasson pÄ Sveriges radio p4 (och nej jag försöker inte fjÀska till mig mer spelningar i radio, men Fredrik om du lÀser detta.. det skulle inte skada, hehe). Jag och trummisjocke gick upp i ottan och spelade för alla 08-or i morse, men förtvivla inte BorÄsbor och Malmöiter. Ni kan ju lyssna hÀr: 

Jocke fick sig lite frukost efter morgongigget! (Kvinnan i bakgrunden har inget med bloggen att göra och vill vara anonym.)

Sen, efter allt mitt klagande pÄ recensenter mÄste jag vÀl ÀndÄ publicera den hÀr fina recensionen frÄn Hennes, sÄ att ni förstÄr att jag inte vill slÄ alla recensenter pÄ kÀften (bara vissa).

SvÄrlÀst? Kika in pÄ min hemsida för en större bild.

Inte en sovmorgon i sikte

I morgon ska jag nĂ€mligen upp och sjunga för alla stockholmare kl 8 pĂ„ morgonen i radio Stockholm. SĂ„ ratta in det pĂ„ era radioapparater! Idag har jag lĂ€rt mig allt om hom(m)osocialitĂ© och homosexualitet (var det en skilnad dĂ€r sa du?). Vad hĂ€nde egentligen? Jag trodde ju att jag skulle gĂ„ en kurs i mode i film, inte sexualitet i historien. Jaja.. sĂ„ hamnade man pĂ„ en sex-kurs. Ja alltid lĂ€r man sig nĂ„t! Min singel “My James Dean” har seglat in pĂ„ p3 och studentradio-listorna nu i alla fall sĂ„ nu kommer jag att förpesta (eller försköna, hur man nu vill se det) din radio i tid och otid. Om ni vill slippa lyssna pĂ„ mig rekommenderar jag att ni rattar in p1.