New single for Acoustic for Autism

Circle of Friends by Sofia Talvik now available on iTunes Store
Circle of Friends by Sofia Talvik now available on iTunes Store
Circle of Friends by Sofia Talvik now available on iTunes Store

I’m happy to announce that my new single “Circle of Friends” has just been released in benefit for Acoustic for Autism. So what is Acoustic for Autism?

Acoustic for Autism features compelling, independent music specifically chosen to convey themes of love, compassion, hope and healing. The goal of Acoustic for Autism is to increase awareness, acceptance, understanding for those with autism and to help raise funds for US non-profit autism organizations focused on making a direct and immediate impact for children with autism and their families.

Autism has become the most rapidly growing developmental disability – more common than Down’s syndrome, childhood diabetes, and juvenile cancer combined.

Read more here about how you are helping by buying this new single.

Visit the US iTunes Store here to listen and download.

Visit the European iTunes Store here to listen and download.

The cream of the underground!

Indiecater Records, an offshoot of the Dublin based mp3hugger music blog has released a new compilation with my song My James Dean on it.

Indiecater Volume IV is a compilation with a total of 19 tracks featuring the cream of the underground. Most of the tracks are of the indie rock/jangle pop variety although there are dashes of electronica and experimentation throughout. The hope is that it will give some much deserved exposure to these great artists and encourage people like you into further investigation of their back catalogue. Every one of the songs has appeared on their sister blog mp3hugger at one stage or another. The majority of the sale price goes directly back to the bands so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are supporting independent music. Included in the download bundle are all 19 tracks, the original artwork and an information sheet. All this for only €7. It’s a bargain!!!

Here’s the video for my contribution to the album, now go and buy yourself a copy here!