Florida Acoustic Tour

My “Florida Acoustic” Tour is over and it’s been great! I did 7 gigs in 7 days all of them outside. Going from one side of Sweden to the other I was so happy to be travelling with a Bose L1 system. Not only was it a dream to travel with as it’s so light and easy to demount but the comfort of knowing how your sound is going to be no matter where you perform is priceless. One of the biggest challenges you meet as a performer is coming to different venues and having to play with different sound systems of different quality so it was really relaxing to know that my music would sound the same no matter where I was. I met a great deal of lovely people and also had a steady audience online that followed my live stream.

A big thanks to all of you that listened live and online, to all the venues and of course Bose for making my tour a great deal easier! Here’s some videos and photos from the tour:

Sofia Talvik Live at Flyt, Stockholm Sweden

Sofia Talvik Live in Visby

Flying home from Visby

Sofia Talvik live at Fettmules Sommarfestival, Gnesta

People hanging out at Fettmules Sommarfestival

With Lena, the lovely founder of Fettmules Sommarfestival

Waiting for the gig

Hector the pug was visiting my gig at Landet

Jonas is setting up the Bose L1 system at Katalin, Uppsala

Ready to play at Flyt in Stockholm

Sofia Talvik live at Flyt, Stockholm
Sofia Talvik live at Flyt, Stockholm

Sofia Talvik live at Flyt, Stockholm
Sofia Talvik live on the roof at Flyt, Stockholm

In a hot car on our way to Båstad

After the gig at Riviera in Båstad

Buy the Acoustic album here
Buy the Acoustic album here (click the pic)

Acoustic concerts online all week!

I’m streaming my acoustic concerts online here on my website all week, every day at 8pm Swedish time. If you’re unsure of when it is check in here for time specifics. Last nights concert was in Visby, the old capital of Gotland with beautiful houses from the 12th century. Tonight’s concert will be in the park (Svandammsparken, Midsommarkransen) outside my house for everyone who wants to come and listen.

You can find a complete list of all the venues under sofiatalvik.com/gigs but we will be streaming live every night. Th concerts will be available here as well:

We’re doing our best to get the best picture and sound for you all, but this is a live stream and won’t hold any HD quality. I hope you will enjoy it none the less. Please tell your friends on facebook and twitter!