Never write about food!

A while ago I read this article about how to gain a lot of followers on twitter. The article had some good pointers but one of them made me smile a little. It said “never write about food”. Now you might have noticed I quite often write about food (maybe that’s why I only have 959 followers). Anyway, I like writing about food because I love cooking and as a natural addition to that I love eating good food. I also tend to photograph my food and post it online. (But I never count calories!)

I also follow Jamie Oliver (or whoever tweets for him) and he writes about food all the time. What else should he write about though? Sometimes I’ve had followers who think I write too much about music – duh!

Anyway, I don’t just like cooking, eating and writing about food – I also like watching food shows on TV. Obviously I love Jamie Oliver but another favourite is “Guys weekend”. After seeing their gnocchi episode I got addicted to gnocchi and make it quite often. They also made a great French apple pie (Tart Tartin) which I actually made tonight for the first time. So I’m ending this blog post about not writing about food by posting a pic of my tart tartin.

My tart tartin before I tucked into it!

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