Album release x 2

Happy releaseday folks!

Today my new album Street of Dreams is being released, which means that all of you that pre-ordered it will recieve it in you mailbox and the rest of you can run to the stores and buy it.

If you’re a bit of a cheap skate  😉 or just more into electronic music, you can download the entire album for free in a remixed version at:

A big thanks to all the talanted artists that has contributed with remixes of my songs.

New Single for download!

My first single "It's Just Love" from the album Street of Dreams is now available for download on my own web shop. Just click the "shop" button and you'll find your way. When purchasing "It's Just Love" you get "It's Just Love (Not Robot Boy remix)" and an unique cover art for free!! Not Robot Boy is usually part of Japanese electronica band Himawari. Visit the artists behind the remix at

last tracks recorded!

I'm counting days til the 8th of november. That's when the album should, and hopefully will be, mixed and finished.

Today we added the last instrumental parts, a wonderful arrangement for three saxophones written by Hanna for the song "will you call me when you're sober". Now hold it, I know what you're thinking; "hmmm…saxophones, you mean like early Sting or perhaps that funky sound of Tina Turner?" But I promise you, it's nothing like that at all. Actually the saxophone parts on this album has sort of become my favourite sound. You rarely hear it in popmusic today, at least not like this.

Hanna (who plays the soprano saxophone) brought her friend Nis (who plays the baryton) and I barely had time to say "saxophone" before they were finished with the recordings and out the studio door. I'm so lucky to have such talanted musicians playing on this album, but then again, they're so lucky to have such a great producer (me!) hehe. Just kidding, but it's coming out just wonderful som I'm very happy with it.

Now, it may have been a quick recording this afternoon, but you will have all the time in the world to enjoy it as I'm posting a sample for you to listen at.

And that's all for today folks!

"Will you call me when you're sober"