Shoot me with your Winter Canon

Winter Canon by Sofia Talvik

My annual Xmas single is released and I’ve already gotten some great response to it. It’s funny though how my little pun with the cover and the title seemed to pass people by 🙂 The song is written in a manner that is called “canon” in musical terms. Wiki explains the canon like this: In music, a canon is a contrapuntal composition that employs a melody with one or more imitations of the melody played after a given duration (e.g., quarter rest, one measure, etc.).

But as it sounds just like cannon, I put a little cannon shooting snowflakes on the cover.

Winter Canon by Sofia TalvikPost
Winter Canon by Sofia Talvik

Here’s some links to the reviews that’s out so far:

Sofia returns to her Indie folk pop roots on a very pretty down-tempo number with beautiful imagery of the season.  It’s entitled “Winter Canon”, which is a cute title but doesn’t really express how lovely the song actually is.  About the only thing wrong with this single is that Sofia didn’t include her picture on the cover art.
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She’s definitely one of the finest Swedish singer-songwriter, and there are doubtlessly many good ones. This year’s song is called Winter Canon and it matches the expectations easily. Her soft, bright voice makes this tune really special.
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“Winter Canon” has a very old-fashioned American Christmas feel to it….I recommend giving it a listen, downloading it and going out of your way to do something for someone else.
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Get the single for free here!

Video recorded

We’ve spent all day recording the video for “As summers pass”. Here’s som pics of me in one of my video outfits. The extraordinary dress is designed and sewn by Sanna Nyström. I love the big bow on the shoulder, it makes me look like a doll 😀


In my upcoming video…

… I’ll be dressed as a lamp shade! Nah, just kidding. The dress is going to be beautiful, and though it might look like a stripped lamp shade, this is actually a crinoline. Read more about crinolines here!


Promo tour in the US

sofia promoSo I’ve just arrived in San Francisco, the first stop on my US promo tour for my upcoming album. And no, sorry there won’t be a lot of gigs for you guys to check out, it’s mostly business this time, but I will share a few moments with you anyway.
The first thing scheduled was a photoshoot for Music Fashion Magazine and their “band fashion spread”. Talanted photographer Shelby Duncan made me pose with toy horses and San Franciscian signature windows.
Sofia promoCheck out her website here: . We instantly made plans to meet up again in Los Angeles where she lives. These documentary pics from the shoot was taken by my man-ager 😉

Famecast finals

So, I’m back in cold, cold Sweden after a short but lovely time in Austin, TX. where I performed in the famecast finals.
The video from the finals will be published on the famecast website on Thursday, and you’ll be able to vote every day for a week after that. If you haven’t registered you’ll have to do that first.

Here’s som pics from my time in Austin. I hope I get to go back soon again!

Sofia i Austin 1
Lapsteel and a psychedelic wall
Sofia i Austin 2
Trying on the local fashion
Sofia i Austin 3
Doing the final famecast interview