No country for old men

We’re on the road. Stuck in a too small pick up truck. The only upside is the Jack Daniels for the guys and the scenery for me. Tonight we’re staying at a really lousy motel. Motel 6 would look like the Hilton compared to this ;-). Well at least I have wifi so I can do my blogs, check my emails and all that. We’ve been joking about staying at a motel like the ones in “No country for old men” and now we are. We walked to a Mexican restaurant across the street and while we were in there the guys spotted a man that looked EXACTLY like the guy in “No country for old men”. I tried to take a picture of him with my iPhone, it’s not great but you’ll see.

I’m really looking forward to coming to Austin so we can decide our own pace and our own stuff and have some fun and play some music.

Check out the guy in the back

The real deal

An here’s some “on the road” pictures

Beautiful scenery in California

the back seat crew

on the road

Janne met a giant roadrunner

Welcome to Texas

A giant roadrunner made out of sneakers

Spread the word!

If you’ve signed up as a fan on reverbnation or ticked the box “join the street team” when you signed up on my newsletter, you already know what I’m talking about. Being part of my street team is about spreading the word about my music.

I have a lot of great stuff coming up for Xmas and it’s time for me to gather the street team and make something real out of it. But I can’t do it alone. I need YOUR help! So that’s why I’m looking for a few dedicated officers to take charge of the street team, make their own groups and be a bigger part of all the fun stuff we have planned. Together we can build an army!

So how do you know you’re officer material? Well, first of all you love the music. You can’t wait to tell your new friends about it. You’ve joined basically every competition there has been on and of course you have all the album. In other words, music is you passion and this music in particular! Is this you? Send an email to and write a few words to describe why you think you should become a street team officer.

Let the fun begin!

My golden sex toy!

As a singer I somethings get invited to fun parties, and this week, I attended the Stockholm fashion week party at CafĂ© Opera. Mingeling around, sipping bubbles I came across a table filled with fancy sex toys. Two friends of mine who was hanging around the table eyeing the merchandize, told me they’d just competed for a golden butt plug with matching cuff links 🙂 So I thought I’d give it a try too, for the female prize, a “vibrating couture object” as Lelo describes Yva on their website.

Lo and behold, a few days later I got an email which said I had in fact won! It felt simply unreal. I have few possessions worth 10 000 SEK (about $1400) and even fewer of the vibrating couture kind. As I’m writing this post I’m waiting for the delivery, so I can’t give you a review just yet. But do check out Lelo’s website and their designer toys for adults.

on my way
On my way
Yva from Lelo

Sofia Talvik – because I care

Yet another post today. I’m keeping busy!
Sometimes I get fan mail and I try to answer them all, unless they’re really weird or really dirty. A while back I got a fan mail from a girl called Jenny. I laughed all day because of her email, because she requested a picture of me, but she wouldn’t settle for the usual press photo – she wanted a pic of me with an pet. I’m a big fan of Erik Eriksson’s book “Brev till samhĂ€llet” which basically is Erik sending all sorts of weird letters to different companies, banks, gouverments etc, demanding all sorts of strange stuff and then publish their answers. I kind of felt this could be such an email, but then again, you never know so of course I answered her email as best I could.

But it did turn out to be a prank, or rather a study in how many celebs who actually answer their fans email. You can read the story (and the email and my answer) here:

Be first to get the…

… Christmas single!
As every year, folks, I’m releasing a Christmas single for free on my website. The single will be released in December, but you can get it before everybody else by signing up on the newsletter. Just type in your email address in the box above and press enter and you’ll be able to download the single before the rest of the world! How bout that for a Christmas present! 😛