RVA Magazine hearts Sofia Talvik

Sofia Talvik Live - photo by Tyler M. Conta

RVA Magazine in Richmond did this nice write up about my gig there last week. The gig was put together by the guys behind Radio Rubber Room so that made the gig extra great! I hope I get to come back to Richmond, VA for some more gigs in the future!

[quote] Despite being a solo act, Talvik’s technical assistant/husband worked wonders for her already perfected sound, providing well-placed vocal harmonies, doublings, and effects. Sofia Talvik is absolutely freaking gorgeous, and her charming stage presence drew me in, all the more. Not only is she a great singer, she fingerpicks her acoustic flawlessly, reminiscent of the steady subtle perfection of Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. Talvik announced with assurance that she would “perform the rest of her set naked if everyone was quiet.” I must wave an incredulous finger at those who did not find this compelling enough. Come on people! Sigh… maybe next time. [/quote]

Dan Mulrooney, RVA Magazine

Sofia Talvik Live - photo by Tyler M. Conta
Sofia Talvik Live - photo by Tyler M. Conta

New video released

So you thought my last music video was retro with its 50’s theme? Well you aint seen nothing yet! This is the new video for my single “Clown” and this time I decided I would do it all by myself. So I did all the make-up and styling and filmed it (yes I used a camera stand). Then I cut it and edited it. But I’m not ready to throw away Jonas’ fabulous producer skills just yet, I did have him help me creating the “burn-out” effect on the last few frames of the vid ūüėČ

This is the first music video I’ve ever made and the second video I’ve made..ever (you’ve probably seen the behind the scenes video to “My James Dean”). I was inspired by old pictures and the creepy sense of the circus that the TV series “Carnivale” captured so well. The entire video was shot in my bedroom (but I won’t do a Pamela just yet), and the fab hat and stick was borrowed from my friend Theresia, they used to belong to her grandpa..