Busy as bees at Sxsw 2010

We’re having an awesome time at SXSW. The sun is shining and we’re dead tired from playing, partying and sleeping to little.

Last night we did our first official showcase at St Davids Hustoric Sanctuary, right before Suzanne Vega. It was a really cool venue but what’s up with all the church gigs on this tour? Is someone trying to tell me I should start playing Christian music? 😉

Sofia Talvik @ SxSW 2010 St David's Historic Sanctuary

I actually got to hang out a little with Suzanne Vega and her band after her great gig, and managed to get a pic too.

Sofia Talvik and Suzanne Vega

Joakim did his yearly SXSW dance at the artist lounge after dark and everyone was happy. (video)

Today we’re really tired after getting up early to do a showcase at noon. It might not sound early but with the traffic which is just crazy we had to get going at 9 from the hotel this morning. The gig was great though. It was hosted by Mike Galaxy at Guero’s Taco Bar, outside in the sun. Next to the venue there was a really cool store with cowboy boots. I especially loved the “Gringo” ones but I’m a poor musician and can’t afford $500 boots:-(

Right now we’re curled up in the artist lounge at ACC waiting for our next gig on Little fields roof top at 6th and Brazos where we’re playing at 7.30.

The band is chillin

Don’t forget to check my gig schedule here if you want to catch some more of my showcases here at SXSW.

/ Sofia

On the Road

We’ve been stuck in San Diego for a few days. Not that I’m complaining, we’ve been mostly sitting in the hot tub with a beer, but we’re all longing to do more concerts. We played at Acoustic Music San Diego which kind of left us with mixed feelings as the greeting from the manager there was less than pleasant. But we’re all looking forward to our gigs in Austin. As we’re actually staying for 2 extra days after SXSW is over we were talking about maybe getting us another gig, like a SXSW after party kind of thing. That would be fun!

Tomorrow we’re hitting the road again and to make the days pass and spend less time in the car we’re cutting the trip into a 3 days drive instead of 2 days of loooong hours in the car. We’ve mapped our route on roadsideamerica.com and have a few funny things to see on the way to Austin. I’m looking forward to Shakespear’s Ghost Town, and the guys want to see the Bush Gallery of the Pacific War.

I’m not in Texas yet but I did manage to buy myself a pair of seriously cool cowboy boots today! They’re blue so I’m feeling like sining “blue suede shoes” only I have to change it to “blue suede boots” haha.

For all of you that want some free music as a special treat for SXSW, text SXSW2010 to 41411 (US only).

See you at SXSW!