Dreaming in Holly Springs

Sofia Talvik live in Holly Springs
Sofia Talvik live in Holly Springs
Sofia Talvik live in Holly Springs

Last night I had the great experience to play at the Holly Springs Cultural Center. I was invited by The Swedish Consulate of Raleigh, SACC and SWEA and the night was a total hit. Holly Springs Cultural Center is a beautiful building and it’s always a treat to get to play in a theatre environment, built for performances. (Check out all the pictures from the concert here)

After the gig the local restaurant My Way Tavern treated us to a great dinner so that was really awesome! If you ever go there I recommend you try the meatloaf! Yum!

I hope to be able to come back to Holly Springs in the future! Tonight (April 20th) another great venue is awaiting us in Black Mountain, NC. I really look forward to playing at White Horse, Black Mountain and hope to see you there!

The concert was sponsored by the Swedish Consulate, SACC and SWEA
The concert was sponsored by the Swedish Consulate, SACC and SWEA

LA and the giant sandwich

I played at the dinner that A&R Worldwide and the Swedish Consulate held yesterday. (A big thank you to the organizers for having me, it was a great honour!) It was nothing like I had expected. I thought it was going to be more of a networking thing, where people would mingle and talk while I stood in a corner singing. Instead there were a hundred seated people, totally quiet, just looking at me. I got so nervous I thought my knees would shake me off the planet! But I got through it and then Kristin, Peter and Warren took me to the Troubador.
I’m going home today so I’m having my last american sandwich…

…which is basically a sandwich monster. I bought one yeaterday, so this is actually the left over half of that one. I can’t imagine why they want to overstuff their sandwiches like this.

I’m actually so glad I’m going home today. First of all since I get to go home to Jonas, second because my ears hurt from all the english. It gets kind of intense after a while, and I think the phrases I’ve used most during these two weeks have been:
“That’s cool”
“That’s awsome”
“That’s a good thing”

and of course “Thank you so much” which I am also saying now to you guys for following my tour blog. I hope you got to see one of my showcases in Austin, where I had my lovely band with me (I missed you guys so much yesterday). Good by America!

Love from L.A.

I just landed in LA. It’s kind of a bit cooler here than in Texas, I didn’t really count on that but I did bring a sweater so I’ll be fine. I just checked in to the Saharan Motor Hotel, and Warren from Worldsound who is with me reluctantly checked in to the same hotel although he refered to his room as “creepy”. Mine is ok, it’s your average motel room.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with the guys at the Swedish Consulate, and then I’ll be playing at their dinner. I probably won’t have any time to do anything else which is good because then time will fly until I get back to Jonas in Stockholm.