Sofia Talvik live @ CMJ

Here’s some videos from my performances at CMJ. Thanks to Anders Hjelmtorp and Holger Carlsson at EXMS and the Swedish Consulate for inviting me to play!

Lower Case Letters live at Club Norwood

Wichita Lineman live @ CMJ, The Kimmel Centre

Adam Heldring played unplugged at the Swedish Consulate Party! Good job!

Mixed N.Y pics

I’m trying to catch up on some blogging on my little CMJ/Release tour here in the US. Let’s start with some pics!

Adam Heldring & Sofia Talvik
Adam Heldring and me at the Swedish Consulate Party at CMJ. We just got appointed Prom King and Queen of the Swedish DIY artists! And we are I guess. Adam’s great!
Times Square
Jonas, me and Marcus at Times Square after our CMJ gigs!

On our way back to the hotel
Marcus (after a lot of sake), me and Jonas on our way back to the hotel in NYC. Unfortunately my US label couldn’t afford a real cab… 😉

Danbury rain
Playing in Danbury. Not the best conditions to get people out of their houses as you can see. The place was basically flooded, but we kicked ass as usual and my Danbury Fan Chris attended the show!

Me in front of the Apollo theatre in Harlem, NY.

Watch me live in the US

I’ll be doing a little tour in the US in the end of October. You can catch me live in New York at CMJ, in Washington DC at the House of Sweden, and the back in New York again for a gig at the Bowery Electric.

For all gig dates and information check my gig schedule here.

To get the latest updates about new gigs and other fun stuff, make sure you get my iPhone application for just $0.99 here. It will also stream my music and videos.

All tomorrow’s parties

I have an exciting fall ahead of me. My album Jonestown is being released in the US, Canada and Japan at the end of October and I have a lot of fun gigs coming up both in Sweden and in the US. The good thing is that a lot of these gigs are free and you should definitely swing by if you’re in the neighbourhood. Here’s what’s coming up:

Sofia Talvik live at Musslan, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden:
September 22nd: Musslan, Dalagatan 46
No admission

September 29th: Berlin bar, Skånegatan 71
No admission
Sign up to the event on Facebook here

New York, NY, USA
October 22nd: CMJ, The Swedish Showcase, hosted by Music export Sweden at Norwood, 241 W 14 Street

More gigs in the US will be announced shortly.