This week’s guest artist: William Crafoord

Worldwide release!

In the end of October 2009 I’m releasing my third album “Jonestown” in the USA and later on in Japan. To give you a preview of the songs from the album I have gathered 12 of my favorite Swedish artists who will each perform one song from the album live with me on tape. Every week a new video is released, with a new song and a new guest artist.

When William called me on his way over to shoot this video, he asked me if he should bring a red clown’s nose. As it turned out he didn’t, but it might have been great fun, and the fact that he thought of this says a lot about him as an artist and performer. You could easily say William isn’t afraid of making anything a show. This is why I’m so happy to announce him as one of this week’s guest artist.

William Crafoord is an old time idol of mine. When I was about 12 William had a Swedish rap band called “Just D“. It’s safe to say I had all their albums and was somewhat obsessed 😉 Anyway, William has come a long way since then and has released several albums, both as part of the group “Just D” and as a solo artist.
Lately William has put together several musical and theatrical shows, with well known artists such as Salem al Fakir as well as with his dog Django (who also participates in this video). Here you’ll see him singing my song “Clown” from my upcoming album “Jonestown” with me. Enjoy!

Visit him at: or

Sofia Talvik / William Crafoord – Clown

New video released

So you thought my last music video was retro with its 50’s theme? Well you aint seen nothing yet! This is the new video for my single “Clown” and this time I decided I would do it all by myself. So I did all the make-up and styling and filmed it (yes I used a camera stand). Then I cut it and edited it. But I’m not ready to throw away Jonas’ fabulous producer skills just yet, I did have him help me creating the “burn-out” effect on the last few frames of the vid 😉

This is the first music video I’ve ever made and the second video I’ve made..ever (you’ve probably seen the behind the scenes video to “My James Dean”). I was inspired by old pictures and the creepy sense of the circus that the TV series “Carnivale” captured so well. The entire video was shot in my bedroom (but I won’t do a Pamela just yet), and the fab hat and stick was borrowed from my friend Theresia, they used to belong to her grandpa..

“Talvik reels you in, plugs her warm, somber music straight into your frigid heart and turns up the heat”

Sweet words from Left of the dial:

Sofia Talvik- Jonestown (review)

While I was running around like an eight-year-old in a Toys R Us in Grant Park, Chicago this past August at Lollapalooza, ambience was the farthest musical feature from my mind. I wanted Bloc Party. I wanted the Go! Team. I wanted to dance and shout and make a scene.

But, contrary to my initial plans, the first morning of the show had me swaying in front of the Citi stage to the quiet croon of Sofia Talvik, tapping my foot lightly and thinking that maybe pretty love songs weren’t so bad after all.

And this soft-spoken Swede did nothing to dissuade me from this thought with her August release Jonestown.

I don’t know much about lady singers other than Collegian favorite Hop Along, Queen Ansleis, but Talvik’s breed of syrupy-sweet music of the folk-pop persuasion is something I can feel myself getting behind with every listen. Never riled, she carries through this album with a collected serenity usually reserved for librarians and Zen Masters.

“As summers pass” sets off the mood of Jonestown not with a jolt, but with the soft trickle of Talkvik’s lyrics. They don’t make you perk up in surprise, but rather creep up on you. You relax, you close your eyes, and then you realize that it’s the music that’s loosening up your shoulders.

One song flows to the next without much ceremony, but Talvik does so in a way that keeps the music-goer tuned in. You won’t be surprised with what’s coming up next, but you don’t have to wait during the two seconds of transition in concern that you aren’t going to like what you hear. If you make it to “My James Dean”,  youĂą’ll make it to “Prove Me Wrong” without noticing the passing of time between.

None of her songs pack a punch, but that’s not what Jonestown was created to do. From the horns in “Something Good” to the lilting piano in “Burning Fields”, Talvik reels you in, plugs her warm, somber music straight into your frigid heart and turns up the heat. Listeners emerge from Jonestown as if waking up from a trance, mildly disoriented but happy with the fuzzy memory of what just happened.

Though none of her songs break too much from the placid bubble she’s created around this album, “Clown” is the most rogue of the pack. With jumpy percussion and light trombone blats, Talvik takes on a more risque demeanor as she describes a non-existent circus and chastises the man her man about acting like a clown. Well spoken, Talvik.

My only qualm with Jonestown is the eventual monotony of a dozen mellow tracks. This drag comes with any album that keeps the same place through its duration. Sometimes I’m ready throw in the towel and switch on some dance tunes halfway through the Cd. I’m not normally one for love songs, so this album can really slide me out of my comfort zone if I don’t put it on with an open mind.

Overall, Talvik’s delicate harmonics and light instrumentation keep a listener tuned in to Jonestown with a subtle interest. You’re so at ease by the time closer “Jonestown” fades out that it will take a minute or two before you even notice the album is finished. Jonestown is an album perfect for naps, writing papers, being in love and unwinding after a long day.

SvD likes Clown

“Att 29-Ă„riga Sofia Talvik har döpt sin skiva efter ett vĂ€lkĂ€nt massmord Ă€r ingen fingervisning om stĂ€mningen som rĂ„der pĂ„ hennes tredje album. Jonestown Ă€r istĂ€llet ytterst harmonisk i sin form med finstĂ€mda och traditionella gitarrpoplĂ„tar som utan att skĂ€mmas slĂ€nger ett öga eller tvĂ„ bort över Atlanten. Att Talvik denna gĂ„ng har slagit sina pĂ„sar ihop med Tobias Fröberg Ă€r kanske anledningen till att lĂ„tarna nu fĂ„tt pĂ„ sig poppigare kostymer. Jonestown Ă€r en snyggt vĂ€lskrĂ€ddad skiva med Clown som albumets mest estetiskt utmanande spĂ„r. ”
Kristin Lundell, Svenska Dagbladet