Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar: #10

A big thanks to everyone who came to see my second Christmas concert last Sunday, and an extra big thank you to amazing Christian Kjellvander for making it extra great! For all of you who missed this one, we’ve recorded a few songs from the concert for you in today’s episode of my Xmas calendar. Enjoy!

There’s still a few tickets left to our last concert December 12th. Make sure you book one HERE before they’re all sold out!

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Thanks to my band: Marcus Högquist – guitar and banjo, Kristoffer Jonsson – bass and trombone, Joakim Lundgren – percussion and Jonas Westin – sound technician.

Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar: #4

When I released my album Jonestown I released 12 live videos where I play the songs from the album live with different Swedish guest artists. One of them was Christian Kjellvander and I am proud to tell you that he will once again play with me, this time on my Xmas concert “Sofia Talviks Julmys” at Mosebacke this Sunday!

If you’re in Sweden you should also turn up the volume on your radio today for Musikplats Stockholm in P4 where I’ll be a guest!

Christian Kjellvander
Christian Kjellvander

December 6th: Christian Kjellvander

Known for both his career in the band Loosegoats as well as his many praised solo albums, Christian Kjellvander is probably the most American country-esque singer/songwriter in the whole of Scandinavia. Or as “The Sun” describes his music; “You’d bet your bottom dollat that the man behind it lived in a small American town.”

Check out the last live video with Christian Kjellvander here:

Sofia Talviks Julkalender: Del 4 “Christian Kjellvander tar ton”

När jag släppte min platta Jonestown förra året gjorde jag 12 stycken live-videos med olika gästartister. En av dem var Christian Kjellvander.

Nu har jag fått den fina möjligheten att ha Christian som gästartist igen! På söndag är han med och sjunger på Sofia Talviks julmys på Mosebacke och jag presenterar honom i dagens lucka. Har du inte redan köpt biljett så gå genast in på och skaffa en!

Idag kan du dessutom höra mig i musikplats Stockholm på p4, ratta in radion!

Min jullåt laddar du ner gratis här!

Kolla in när Christian gästade mig förra gången: