Fan reviews of TOANWTS

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Just had to share some of these great fan reviews I’ve received for the new album. After all the real critics are the listeners:

[quote] Sofia Talvik’s mastery of the acoustic has never been more evident than in her latest album – The Owls Are Not What They Seem. Her fifth album, in which Sofia has ‘gone back to basics’ is a stunning display of her vocal prowess and lyrical talent… unpretentious, yet powerfully moving. I have had TOANWTS for only a few days now, but have listened to it probably a dozen times now… and each time is even better than the last. Thank you, Sofia! [/quote]
Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw (USA)

[quote] You’ve really outdone yourself on the sound on this album Sofia. I always expect great music from you, but this has gone way past those expectations. [/quote]
Allison Renee (Canada)

write your own review
write your own review

Thank you Toronto!

Sofia Talvik live at Indieweek Toronto

I had a great time in Toronto! I did 4 shows at Indieweek and played for some great crowds! My favorite show was at Free times café – a wonderful little venue. Thanks to all who came to see my shows and to Indiweek for inviting me!

Here’s a little video from my performance at Free times café.

Sofia Talvik performing “At the End” live at Free Times Café

All tomorrow’s parties

I have an exciting fall ahead of me. My album Jonestown is being released in the US, Canada and Japan at the end of October and I have a lot of fun gigs coming up both in Sweden and in the US. The good thing is that a lot of these gigs are free and you should definitely swing by if you’re in the neighbourhood. Here’s what’s coming up:

Sofia Talvik live at Musslan, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden:
September 22nd: Musslan, Dalagatan 46
No admission

September 29th: Berlin bar, Skånegatan 71
No admission
Sign up to the event on Facebook here

New York, NY, USA
October 22nd: CMJ, The Swedish Showcase, hosted by Music export Sweden at Norwood, 241 W 14 Street

More gigs in the US will be announced shortly.

Featured artist on Microsoft!


I’m happy to announce that I’m this week’s featured artist in the Microsoft campaign. My song “Burning Fields” from my new album “Jonestown” will be featured as one of ten chosen favorites, out of thousands of songs on “Jonestown” will have a grand release in the US, Canada and Japan in October. You can download the song for free and also check out loads of other talented bands. You can also check out the song and become my fan on Reverb Nation.

Worldwide album release!


I’m so excited to announce that my album “Jonestown” is being released in the US, Canada and Japan this fall! The release will be followed by a tour in the North-East so keep checking in here for updates about tour dates and other stuff!