New video with Christian Kjellvander

Worldwide release!

In the end of October 2009 I’m releasing my third album “Jonestown” in the USA and later on in Japan. To give you a preview of the songs from the album I have gathered 12 of my favorite Swedish artists who will each perform one song from the album live with me on tape. Every week a new video is released, with a new song and a new guest artist.

I was just about to go to the US to tour with my new album “Jonestown” when I recorded this video with Christian Kjellvander, one of Sweden’s most prominent country singer/songwriters.

When Christian told me about the tour he’s about to make this fall I did get a bit jealous because it sounded so awsome. Christian is also going to the US, but he’ll be doing a livingroom tour, which means he’ll be playing in people’s homes. How awsome is that! I hope that all you guys will check out his schedule on his website and make sure to catch one of his performances because you won’t get disapointed, I promise.

Sofia Talvik / Christian Kjellvander – At the end

Song: At the end (Jonestown 2008)
Guest artist: Christian Kjellvander

About Christian:
After releasing several Loosegoats albums and the great Songs of Soil album Christian released hit breakthrough debut “Songs From A Two-Room Chapel” in 2002. In 2005 “Faya” was released and then Christian has been touring ever since with the occasional break. Now “I Saw Her From Here/I Saw Here From Her” is done. This fall Christian is heading to the US to do a “livingroom tour” playing in people’s homes.