Drivin’ & Dreaming Episode #7

Episode 7 is now up and running. In this episode we get stuck in Boston traffic and you’ll see some great New England Singer/Songwriters whom I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with, Christa Gniadek and Michelle Lewis. I’m on NBC’s Mass Appeal and WERS Left end. You can hear the radio shows from the Boston area here!

Remember to share the episodes with your friends to keep them coming. It’s tons of work making every episode and I’m doing it all by myself on top of bookings, promotion, playing live and trying to keep things in shape on the tour. A few extra views will keep making me motivated to put in the extra work! 🙂

Did you miss any of the previous episodes? You can watch them all here!

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As usual all music in the episode can be found here! Help me keep the “Drivin’ & Dreaming Tour” on the road. Donate Gas, Food and Beer – Click this link and follow the instructions http://pic.twitter.com/7dEothYK

Check out the entire clip with me from NBC’s Mass Appeal below!

Featured on Diesel:U:Music

I’m being featured on the radio show Diesel:U:Music, 101.7 WFNX, August 8th.

Broadcasts will run Fridays at midnight in August 2009 and this half-hour emerging artists show is a block of time with all the music and programming selected by Diesel:U:Music.

The show will air for 4 weeks and is designed to highlight the best emerging talent in the Sonicbids community. The edition where they will play my music will air at midnight on Aug 8 (Friday overnight).

If you’re not going to be in the Boston area, you can hear it on wfnx.com, which is a worldwide stream.