This week’s guest artist: Tom Levin

Worldwide release!

In the end of October 2009 I’m releasing my third album “Jonestown” in the USA and later on in Japan. To give you a preview of the songs from the album I have gathered 12 of my favorite Swedish artists who will each perform one song from the album live with me on tape. Every week a new video is released, with a new song and a new guest artist.

This week I have the pleasure to present Tom Levin.

Sofia Talvik / Tom Levin – Arms and armour

Tom’s teenage years took him to Alaska, where he lived as an exchange student. It was here that his vocal talents were first discovered when the host family’s daughter heard him singing in the shower. Urged on by the host family’s belief in his abilities, Tom made his debut as a soloist in the school choir. But when Tom returned to Sweden, he put his music on the back shelf and started studying economics.
In June 2007 Tom’s song “Please disturb me” reach 4 reached 4 on AC/hot AC/New Music Weekly in the USA and it reached 3 on Independent Music Networks Mainstream.

On the 12th of December 2006 Tom Levin’s song “Just” reached 1 on New Music Weekly’s radio charts in the US (specifically the AC/Hot AC Main Chart and AC/Hot AC Indie Chart), and has to date been 1 for four consecutive weeks. “Just” also reached 8 on the Hot 100 Chart / New Music Weekly, and the Top 100 Chart / Friday Morning Quarter Back / ACQB.
Tom’s new album “Unfair in my favor” was released on June 11.