Thanks Skellefte

for having us! We loved to play at Trästock, and you were everything but indifferent on my gig! I loved the laidback feeling with all of you sitting around like I was playing in your livingroom.
The door seemed kind of crowded so I hope everyone that wanted to catch the gig got in alright. So thank you, everyone sitting in the audience and everyone working with the festival for making me feel so welcome at Trästock.

My lovely boysA bit blurry after the gig
New friends, Magnus Tingsek and Johan Zaar

Thank you Västerås.

Thank you everyone that came to watch the gig at Mälarrocken, Västerås.
It had been raining all day, but when I started playing the sun broke trough.
Hope you enjoyed the gig, I know I did.

Here are some pictures from the gig:
Mälarrocken i VästeråsMälarrocken i VästeråsMälarrocken i Västerås